New To Vista (episode 3) [have to be fair]

1 Week since i've installed Vista for the first time

Windows Vista wallpaper (by Microsoft)

i faced some problems since then but i think they have been solved

the memory consumption is stable except when i burn DVD's it raise up to 9x % :D

but i have to be fair and mention what i liked in it as i mentioned what i didn't like -alot :D -


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New to Vista

i've been planning from over two monthes to install Vista on my Laptop which is

-1.8 GH 1MB L2 cache Celeron processor

-1.5 GB Ram

-120 GB HD

-Intel Graphics Media Accelerator up to 224 MB (i dont know why this particular number :) )

i took all this time planning because i hate to install windows when my current one is working fine :)

and now even my windows was still working fine but i wanted to get used to it before the faculty year starts.

any way..

it have been about 10 hours since i installed it it seems nice.

working smoothly till now