A year and a half of cycling

Well.. That has been a good time since I got my first professional -somehow- bike and my third life time one.

Gotta say..

I really enjoy cycling, long distances are what I enjoy the most, and get exhausted the most as well :D

But that's awesome when you are able to be doing something healthy, specially for devs who work for a week on desk staring in a monitor and the longest distance they move is the maximum length of the mouse wire, yeah it's a curse having touchpad! :D


just wanted to share some experience I had with bikes, where and how to buy, maintenance, accessories and so..


A Long Smile (about 10 Km) :)

Happy Eid


Today is the first day in EL-Fetr Feast

it started by a ringing..

some how i realized that my mobile phone was the one who is ringing

actually i didn't know where my phone was when i woke up but when it rang again i found it under my bed :)

then i realized that it was the alarm's tone, i adjusted it to wake me up on EL-Fajr prayer time..

"but y rn't there any voice of people praying or even the Azan ! then i must have woke earlier"

It was a time between the Azan and the Ikama but u know the satan came back from his forced vacation :D

So when i heared the Ikama i jumped out and started to get ready to the prayers, i went down and found carpets in front of my building door prepared for EL-Eid prayers and found people praying

so i prayed and returned back to my flat and whistled to my friend Mostafa so he got -he is in the flat next to mine in the same floor but thats how we call each other :p-

then i asked him to come with me to pray EL-Eid in EL-Ka2ed Ibrahim mosque in M7atet el Raml