What does it mean?

So, social media is now everywhere with different types, methods and apps, so what does it mean - at least for me - about every app I use

1-Facebook having friends on Facebook is like being with them in a huge playground watching what are they doing and may be watching how they are interacting with each other and may be I go poke him or tell him a comment about something he has done, the main difference between this and being with him in the real world that I can more often tell him that I've "liked" something he has done or some news he has shared.










The best choice


So, how can i tell him ?!!

i can call him, thats gonna waste sometime..

what about an SMS, the phone sux in writing text

i can mention him in a tweet with the message, No, too public !!

a direct message would be a good choice (Y).

but an offline messenger message is more reliable, what about a mail ?!!

but, google wants to replace mail by wave, so a wave would be better

LinkIt [Chrome Extension]








And that would be my first extension for Google Chrome/Chromium :)

As i'm have been using FireFox -and still using it- for a long time, getting used to double clicking text -non activated- links to be opened in another tab using the FireFox plugin Text Link so i don't have to go into the process  "Select" - "Ctrl + t"- "Ctrl + v" + Enter to navigate to that link you just go and double click the plain link to open it in a new tab or an email to open the default mail client

SQL Multiplication

i was shocked to find that there is no aggregate multiplication functions in SQL, something like

select mul(number) from table

but i needed to use a multiplication function..., so as usual i googled it and found this statement

select exp(sum(log(cast(number as float)))) from table

that does the multiplication, so with a mouth half opened i tested this line and it worked :D