Getting myself a head start

I really have no idea why do i want to write this post, except that I want to give my self a head start as milestone zero in my MSc thesis work, there have been a year since I was supposed to start in my thesis well.. I love science, I love reading, learning, exploring and inventing, but that's something I love, I can't give it more priority than other responsibilities I have, so starting in the thesis for me needs some factors, first.. a motivation and in Egypt there isn't.. at all! (for me at least)

و ده رأيي

و بدأت السنه الجديده بقنبله فى كنيسه

الحمدلله انى كنت نمت قبلها عشان مكنتش هعرف انام


انا رأيي من زمان فى المواضيع دى انها بتتعمل الاول و بعد كده تتربط بالدين عشان هى دى الحاجه اللى شعب مصر بيعمل انه بيخاف عليها, كل واحد ميعرفش من دينه غير ان التانى ده مش معايا يبقى ضدى

!طيب يعنى ايه بتتعمل و بعد كده تتربط بالدين؟



Terrorism in Gaza

Peace be upon you, Now I assume that every one around the world has seen what happened in Gaza in the freedom day (Monday 31/5/2010) for you who didn't see or even know what and where is Gaza Gaza is an Arabian/Palestinian city that is located here

The residences of this city have been imprisoned there for years, no food or medical supplies, no money or industrial resources even no healthy water to drink, and all of that because the chose to defend themselves against occupation. and that has been happening unfortunately under the supervision of all the governments, the governments who just care about politics, money and their own personal benefits.

Actually I'm very sad to say that I'm in the country next to them, that it's government didn't care or help, I didn't choose/want this government anyway.

And I hope this blog post does anything for them. and whatever you hear from anybody that this city is supplied with anything just make him see this video


A Long Smile (about 10 Km) :)

Happy Eid


Today is the first day in EL-Fetr Feast

it started by a ringing..

some how i realized that my mobile phone was the one who is ringing

actually i didn't know where my phone was when i woke up but when it rang again i found it under my bed :)

then i realized that it was the alarm's tone, i adjusted it to wake me up on EL-Fajr prayer time..

"but y rn't there any voice of people praying or even the Azan ! then i must have woke earlier"

It was a time between the Azan and the Ikama but u know the satan came back from his forced vacation :D

So when i heared the Ikama i jumped out and started to get ready to the prayers, i went down and found carpets in front of my building door prepared for EL-Eid prayers and found people praying

so i prayed and returned back to my flat and whistled to my friend Mostafa so he got -he is in the flat next to mine in the same floor but thats how we call each other :p-

then i asked him to come with me to pray EL-Eid in EL-Ka2ed Ibrahim mosque in M7atet el Raml