Troubleshooting in ACM-ICPC Contest

i've participated in many contests as organizer, specifically in the technical stuff which is mainly two portions

  • The IDE which is mainly "eclipse"
  • The contest communication tool which can't be except "pc2"

and in the last contest i've participated in it's technical preparations i faced a number of troubles

lets take them one by one

1.Teams don't connect to the Server which is a Linux Machine

  • Solution : before you open the server edit the "pc2server" file and edit this line
  • java $PC2CN $*
  • to be
  • java -Djava.rmi.server.hostname="" $PC2CN $*
  • of course change the ip according to your server ip

and make this edit in all the executables you will run {team, board, judge.....}

Time To Pay Back




thats it i am just an acmASCIS contestant no more

a couple of weeks are remaining to the new ASCIS committee announcment

i'm pretty sure that i'm in the new committee

i dont care what my position in it would be all what i care is that i must be useful to it ..

for the junior contestants to have a chance like i had..


i think every Computer Science student who didnt join his ACM student chapter had lost sooo much

when u c ACMers in a contest u might think that they are playing or what they are doing is easy


u  might think that they are geniuses and they are doing the next impossible and every one of them is the next Einstein

but actually ACM is learning by fun , learning by practice just learning by all means

as an ACMer u'll pass three stages in contests at first when

u r beginner u r going to see the contest as....