و ده رأيي

و بدأت السنه الجديده بقنبله فى كنيسه

الحمدلله انى كنت نمت قبلها عشان مكنتش هعرف انام


انا رأيي من زمان فى المواضيع دى انها بتتعمل الاول و بعد كده تتربط بالدين عشان هى دى الحاجه اللى شعب مصر بيعمل انه بيخاف عليها, كل واحد ميعرفش من دينه غير ان التانى ده مش معايا يبقى ضدى

!طيب يعنى ايه بتتعمل و بعد كده تتربط بالدين؟



Cons & Pros [Andalusia]

This Company is somehow special to me, may be coz it was the first IT company I joined in Alex/Professional life it's here, it has an awesome view on that green area it is supposed to be developing ERP System for Hospitals for its parent company -which i think is Andalusia Group- I think I've learned there so much, in so many branches and technical skills, was the first place I write code for semi-Fuzzy logic problem, I dove in SQL server more, I used some tools I didn't use before or even thought I'd never use, coded for MS Office some Automation functions

In the planetarium

it's the week end...

i have to do something instead of staring at my laptop's screen and declaring some integers, or surfing my google reader so, i've read about an event in BibAlex related to a mini book fair, i'm not fan of such things but lets try, may be i can find a book related to programming :D but it was a smaller event than what i was expecting, and i found some shelves having books about VB, C# and Windows Me :D anyway, i got out of the hall looking for something to do, and there was the planetarium... for those who don't know it, it's the blue-stripped moon seated beside the sun of BibAlex

A Long Smile (about 10 Km) :)

Happy Eid


Today is the first day in EL-Fetr Feast

it started by a ringing..

some how i realized that my mobile phone was the one who is ringing

actually i didn't know where my phone was when i woke up but when it rang again i found it under my bed :)

then i realized that it was the alarm's tone, i adjusted it to wake me up on EL-Fajr prayer time..

"but y rn't there any voice of people praying or even the Azan ! then i must have woke earlier"

It was a time between the Azan and the Ikama but u know the satan came back from his forced vacation :D

So when i heared the Ikama i jumped out and started to get ready to the prayers, i went down and found carpets in front of my building door prepared for EL-Eid prayers and found people praying

so i prayed and returned back to my flat and whistled to my friend Mostafa so he got -he is in the flat next to mine in the same floor but thats how we call each other :p-

then i asked him to come with me to pray EL-Eid in EL-Ka2ed Ibrahim mosque in M7atet el Raml