Oauth2 LinkedIn problems


Recently I have been implementing signing in to a website using third party services like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn and fetching user information from those websites.

Developing for Drupal using some contributed modules that do most of the hard work, I faced some problems with LinkedIn so I am going to mention them and some other notices.

Basically I wanted first to sign in with the user account (get a token) then grab some info about the user using this token.

Countable Objects [Problem NOT of the week]

Long time since the first problem..

This is a problem I've faced lately while developing in C# to have some statistics.

I've created a project that does something (of course !! :D) and created a number of classes with some inheritance tree, where some classes inherit from others, anyway, after that i needed to count the number of instances created from each class... pretty simple, just add a counter to the class, add increment/decrement methodology in the constructor/destructor. but. kind of... I'm lazy to open each class, add those members and add them to the newly created, not new!

So.. let's make use of Inheritances,

Create a base class "Countable Object" where all what you need is a private static dictionary which will hold all the type as a key, count as a value, with a constructor that increments the value of the type created.

How to configure ur hotmail account on Evolution [ubuntu]

hey hey..... before you read... check this "OUUUUUF At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)" hi, here are the steps to configure your free hotmail account on evolution mail client as a POP3 mail in ubuntu well.. open a terminal and copy & paste those commands or write them u like :D first make sure that your system is up to date

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install inetutils-inetd
sudo apt-get install hotway hotsmtp
sudo gedit /etc/inetd.conf

the last command will open u a file "inetd.conf"

A JAVA Function !!! [Problem NOT of the week]

As my two friend Alaa & Foaud are writing [Problem of the week] 

i am also writing Problem NOT of the week :D

bcoz i wont write a problem weekly in addition to i dont know the solution of my problems :)

almost... . .

during my internship time i spent in Mentor Graphics Cairo

i needed to implement a function and when i started coding i found that it was impossible to do it that way

may be there is a way that function can be implemented but i dont know how due to my small experience with JAVA Here is the problem definition:

Programming Language used : of course u know its JAVA what r u looking at :P