But u r killing me !!

ok, i admit that it was an  innovative method that depends heavily on XML Programming, i can say it saves a lot of time during developing the whole system, as the time required for every feature is nearly constant just some generic methods to solve all the problems that can be found but as known "Generic" can not cope with "Performance", as there must be unneeded steps done with the small/mid sized problems, and it will be fully utilized with the problems that satisfies the general case problem -which is most of the time rare- and even if u had the general case as the smallest/simplest case, u'll waste some performance trying to combine those tiny generic solutions to solve the larger problems


السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته

و كل سنه و انتو طيبين بمناسبه عيد الفطر المبارك

يعنى لو لاحظتوا يعنى -للى متابع يعنى- ان ده اول تدوينه بالعربى هنا, و انا كاتبها بالعربى عشان كذا سبب يعنى.... عشان بيبقى محسوس اكتر و عشان كمان مايفهموش غير اللى بيتكلمو عربى

نخش فى الموضوع

انا فاكر زمااان اوى اول مره رحت اصلى العيد مع ابويا..... مكانتش الامكن بتاعا الصلاه كتير طبعا زى دلوأتى ف كنا بنصلى فى حته كده يعنى ممكن نقول على بعد نص كيلو من البيت , انا مش فاكر غير انى ساعتها كنت مبسوط اوى وانا سامع التكبيرات من البيت و كأنها جايه من السما

و ماظنش كانو بيستخدو الميكروفونات ساعتها

كان احساس جميل اوى كده و الناس كلها مع بعض فى نفس واحد بيقولو نفس الكلمه, كان صوتها عالى قوى

نيجى دلوأتى بقى...........الاماكن كتييير اوى للصلاه و محطوط سماعه من النوع التقيل كل 10 متر ولا حاجه و تلاقى اتنين ماسكين الميكروفون و كل واحد يبدع حبه

و تقريبا مفيش غيرهم اللى بيكبرو


The First

Today.., no no... now.... is the first lesson in my sister's private chemistry course personally i hate private courses, all of them, i can not deny that i took private courses during my secondary school but i didn't start from AUGUST !!!!











An Egyptian Process


lastly i've won an award of being the "Ideal student 2008-2009", that reminded me with the complicated process i've passed to win that award....

first, a white/black paper is hanged everywhere in the faculty buildings with the important points are highlighted with a green highlighting pen which says "The student who sees himself Ideal go to Mr/Mrs ......."

this student should have the following characteristics:

1-his clothes should indicate he is an Egyptian student... i don't know which clothes doesn't indicate i'm Egyptian, if they meant a custom, then the only things that is an Egyptian custom is Jalabeyya or Tarboosh, else are American, Italian,....

2-he should be speaking more than a language... lol, i speak 2 Arabic languages and Egyptian English very well (Y)

3-his grades are not less than Very Good so.. of course no body applied in this game, neither did i..

The Half Rule

first take care how will you read the title i mean don't read it as "The (Half Rule)" but read it as "(The Half) Rule"  parenthesis makes difference :D i mean "Half" here is a noun  not an adjective if u still can't understand just u'll understand from the context :D

ok ok.. hold on.. "Kanoon El-Noss" , i think it's now clear :D well, this rule was developed in SC'09 Class or u can call them the SC Mens... yes... "Mens"