Comparing MySQL database versions data


This is a script I needed recently to compare the data between two versions of a MySQL database, that was after a crash that happened to a live database and some tables got corrupted so I needed to know what has happened and in the same time there was some new data rows added to tables in the corrupted database that I can't lose,

Searching for a little bit, I found no solution to compare the database versions except some paid tool from redgate, where I won't pay and won't crack :D

FCIS Assignments Submitter (FAS)

And here comes one of the projects I enjoy working in... This project is somehow similar to that one which is used for FCIS students (the college that I am supposed to be one of its faculty members), And it is used to ease the way we give assignments to students and ease the way they solve it (hoping they solve :D)

First, the main form

And as you can see is divided into 4 parts.






acmASCIS Submitter (FCIS Version)

Hello there, Long time no see, ha?! Anyway, I'm glad to announce the release a special version of my lovely project "acmASCIS Submitter"

This version is customized for my faculty to help in the "Introduction to Algorithms" course, as there are some assignments containing problems to be solved on the UVA ACM judge All what is added to this version is a form and a couple of buttons with some functionalities







LinkIt [Chrome Extension]








And that would be my first extension for Google Chrome/Chromium :)

As i'm have been using FireFox -and still using it- for a long time, getting used to double clicking text -non activated- links to be opened in another tab using the FireFox plugin Text Link so i don't have to go into the process  "Select" - "Ctrl + t"- "Ctrl + v" + Enter to navigate to that link you just go and double click the plain link to open it in a new tab or an email to open the default mail client

Visual Algorithms [Graph Algorithms]

here is one of the assignments i liked to be doing in Scientific Computing

specifically a Mathematical Programming assignment i could have just implemented a Console application running the algorithm and get my marks, but thats not what i need from SC Dept :)

i think it would be useful for those who want to learn one of the algorithms it runs or for those who want to see what a SC assignment looks like :P well here is the main form  Visual Algorithms Main Form