امتياز مع مرتبه الخرف

ردا على بعض الطلاب الذين يتشاكون من الظلم فى التصحيح فى الامتحانات و كثره ما يفقدون من الدرجات

لا تطلبنَ من التقدير ما لست أهلْ له 

 فالقدرُ ما تحـوي لا ما خُط  بالقلمِ

إن تبغين من الدرجات مُرتَفعاً

 فاسعى لها كطواف الحاج فى الحرمِ

و ان ادعيت بأن الدرج غالــــــيةٌ

فامكر لها بمكـــيدِ الذئب للغنمِ

FCIS Graduation Ceremony [How-To]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kind of passing some experience, this post about things I found while preparing for my class's graduation ceremony with this awesome team











some things I realized lately that i think that it would have been better if i knew then in advance, so I'll try to put here all what i found while doing the preparations.

Pliz help them!!! They've gotta be confused......

Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

after the first note which was on facebook about the fourth year depts which was made last year for my class,

i think it was very helpfull so i thought of doing the same this year for FCIS'10 class would be nice and because there are some non-Facebook-users,

i thought it would be better to have this post here not on facebook please answer Those questions if u r/were in FCIS

1. enta f anhy kesm?

2. leh da5alt el kesm da?