Adding Selenium tests to Drupal7

Here are some problems I faced when adding selenium to a Drupal7 project I have been working on

1-Test cases are not listed.

Description: when installing the latest Selenium & SimpleTest modules, anything except selenium default tests are not listed in the Configuration/Testing

Fast Solution: Use latest Selenium  module with the default SimpleTest module installed with Drupal core.

2-Running the test case  randomly opens new default Drupal installation.

Description: Simple test is configured to clone the database structure and perform the test cases on this new database so you will not find any of your themes/modules enabled, In some cases the test user created will not be able to login.

Typical Solution: enable the themes/modules when setting up the test and run the patch file shipped with Selenium module without editing it.

Another Solution: run the test cases on the same database (a backup of it of course or whatever!), and this can be done with the following steps

a-Extending the DrupalSeleniumWebTestCase class

class DrupalSeleniumCustomTestCase extends DrupalSeleniumWebTestCase {
    public $onOriginal = TRUE;

Downloading Youtube videos in Ubuntu

After the flash version 10 as I can remember, the old method of going to the temp folder /tmp/ and copying the video from there is not working, you will not find it there, It is put there then deleted from disk and treated as a file in memory so this is how to get it. Using the terminal:

 pgrep -f flashplayer 

this will display the process IDs using flash player, assume the process ID was 3660, then navigate to the process data


A year and a half of cycling

Well.. That has been a good time since I got my first professional -somehow- bike and my third life time one.

Gotta say..

I really enjoy cycling, long distances are what I enjoy the most, and get exhausted the most as well :D

But that's awesome when you are able to be doing something healthy, specially for devs who work for a week on desk staring in a monitor and the longest distance they move is the maximum length of the mouse wire, yeah it's a curse having touchpad! :D


just wanted to share some experience I had with bikes, where and how to buy, maintenance, accessories and so..


Adding new COM Interface version

Just for my self and other people like me who forget interestingly fast, and do not wish to get E_NOINTERFACE from C++ QueryInterface method after they add new COM interface version for maintaining backward compatibility for the COM object. 4 places to add the new version info.. 1-In the idl file used for the description of the interface, Add the new interface and make sure you put a new UUID for it, make sure it inherits the old interface


dual, helpstring("OldInterface Interface"), 
interface IOldInterface : IDispatch 
//Some old functions 
uuid(9BFB8CD2-C090-4e37-A9AB-AE001B9EB4DC), //new UUID 
helpstring("INewInterface Interface"), 
interface INewInterface : IOldInterface 
//Some new functions 


So it's FCIS third year, ha?!!

Ok, let me see..

First, FCIS third year is not hard at all, it is very interesting and you'll learn so much from it if you wish just try to really free yourself from anything except your studies to enjoy it.

Second, the best thing to learn from during this year in some subjects will be the projects you do, so try to start in those projects as early as possible to give each project enough time and innovate..

Third, what I am going to write next depends mostly on my knowledge and experience that might be outdated as I was in this place may be three years a go and it depends on my way of thinking and opinions.

So, lets see the subjects you do have in it


Happy 2 Ubuntu years..

Hello, Nearly two years have  passed since my move to Ubuntu gotta say, It's an interesting BSOD-less experience :P Of course I won't claim it's perfectly stable but for me it's way more stable than windows. kind of I had some problems most are solved, others needed workarounds, but mostly what i need to do is done at the end thanks to ALLAH The continues problem was that my surrounding colleagues are not Ubuntu familiar/users and I'm working on that problem right now ;D Anyway, I'll list now the apps I found useful during those 2 years and I use them frequently. First, for archiving purposes, this is my current desktop screenshot







Cons & Pros [Andalusia]

This Company is somehow special to me, may be coz it was the first IT company I joined in Alex/Professional life it's here, it has an awesome view on that green area it is supposed to be developing ERP System for Hospitals for its parent company -which i think is Andalusia Group- I think I've learned there so much, in so many branches and technical skills, was the first place I write code for semi-Fuzzy logic problem, I dove in SQL server more, I used some tools I didn't use before or even thought I'd never use, coded for MS Office some Automation functions

Cons & Pros [Mentor Graphics]

by the time i was there it was located here, and now it's here.

it was my second company i've been in, but the first huge and international one !!

my internship was as Testing Software Engineer, writing unit tests on JUnit framework, of course with JAVA for the CHS project. kind of i was pretty amazed by that product and the system that was followed there, very organized company indeed. plus i was working with ZIZO on the same team, and seen how effective he was (fact) and how early does he come to work :D !!