A JAVA Function !!! [Problem NOT of the week]

As my two friend Alaa & Foaud are writing [Problem of the week] 

i am also writing Problem NOT of the week :D

bcoz i wont write a problem weekly in addition to i dont know the solution of my problems :)

almost... . .

during my internship time i spent in Mentor Graphics Cairo

i needed to implement a function and when i started coding i found that it was impossible to do it that way

may be there is a way that function can be implemented but i dont know how due to my small experience with JAVA Here is the problem definition:

Programming Language used : of course u know its JAVA what r u looking at :P

Time To Pay Back




thats it i am just an acmASCIS contestant no more

a couple of weeks are remaining to the new ASCIS committee announcment

i'm pretty sure that i'm in the new committee

i dont care what my position in it would be all what i care is that i must be useful to it ..

for the junior contestants to have a chance like i had..


i think every Computer Science student who didnt join his ACM student chapter had lost sooo much

when u c ACMers in a contest u might think that they are playing or what they are doing is easy


u  might think that they are geniuses and they are doing the next impossible and every one of them is the next Einstein

but actually ACM is learning by fun , learning by practice just learning by all means

as an ACMer u'll pass three stages in contests at first when

u r beginner u r going to see the contest as.... 

Code Complete 2

you should really have a look on that book








i think it is the best book i've ever read

till now talking about the SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle )

but mainly in the construction phase of the SDLC

it shows how to write an ideal program in the non ideal world :P

it explains what to do ..

and why would u do so in the design and the coding phases

i really liked it sooo much

As a start !


this is my first time i write in a blog

i really didn't find any importance of it (frankly till now)

but thats bcoz i dont know what in my life to blog..

sometime ago i read a post on a friends blog

i really liked it

then i continued till i read nearly all the posts on his blog

i found that interesting n saw that the blog may be important

i know that u r calling me a jerk right now but somehow i don't care

i just wanted to write those phrases, i don't know y but i did.