An Egyptian Process


lastly i've won an award of being the "Ideal student 2008-2009", that reminded me with the complicated process i've passed to win that award....

first, a white/black paper is hanged everywhere in the faculty buildings with the important points are highlighted with a green highlighting pen which says "The student who sees himself Ideal go to Mr/Mrs ......."

this student should have the following characteristics:

1-his clothes should indicate he is an Egyptian student... i don't know which clothes doesn't indicate i'm Egyptian, if they meant a custom, then the only things that is an Egyptian custom is Jalabeyya or Tarboosh, else are American, Italian,....

2-he should be speaking more than a language... lol, i speak 2 Arabic languages and Egyptian English very well (Y)

3-his grades are not less than Very Good so.. of course no body applied in this game, neither did i..

The Half Rule

first take care how will you read the title i mean don't read it as "The (Half Rule)" but read it as "(The Half) Rule"  parenthesis makes difference :D i mean "Half" here is a noun  not an adjective if u still can't understand just u'll understand from the context :D

ok ok.. hold on.. "Kanoon El-Noss" , i think it's now clear :D well, this rule was developed in SC'09 Class or u can call them the SC Mens... yes... "Mens"

Common OpenGL Exception

this is a kind of exception that happens normally when u r coding with opengl, whether using Tao framework for C# or native opengl when u run the opengl program and u find it just crashes with no reason then one of the main reason is the function "glutInit()" this function initializes the GLUT which should be initialized only ONCE per program run and if this function fails to initialize -for many reasons- but with me mainly because it's called more than a time, it crashes the program and just clos

Pliz help them!!! They've gotta be confused......

Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

after the first note which was on facebook about the fourth year depts which was made last year for my class,

i think it was very helpfull so i thought of doing the same this year for FCIS'10 class would be nice and because there are some non-Facebook-users,

i thought it would be better to have this post here not on facebook please answer Those questions if u r/were in FCIS

1. enta f anhy kesm?

2. leh da5alt el kesm da?

Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 2]

continuing with the second and last part in Scientific Computing Posts where the first part was Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]

it's just about the courses taken in SC well...

this semester was less interesting than the first term,

may be that was because we had less scientific materials than the first as fourth year studs are planned to finish the exams half a month earlier than usual so the materials taught are less than usual in all the deps but that doesn't mean that we hadn't took nice subjects

Configure MPI programs in eclipse

Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

if u r familiar with the distributed computing, then u have used,seen or even heard about MPICH well, here are the steps u follow to make and run an MPICH program

1-download and install the MPICH executable form their website

2-include the headers and add the lib files

3-write ur program and build it

4-and after solving the errors that will reveal in ur code :D go to the mpich bin directory -All programs in the start menu if u r a windows user- and open the mpirun program and browse for the executable u have built, configure the number of processes to run and finally run in well...