acmASCIS Submitter (FCIS Version)

Hello there, Long time no see, ha?! Anyway, I'm glad to announce the release a special version of my lovely project "acmASCIS Submitter"

This version is customized for my faculty to help in the "Introduction to Algorithms" course, as there are some assignments containing problems to be solved on the UVA ACM judge All what is added to this version is a form and a couple of buttons with some functionalities







What does it mean?

So, social media is now everywhere with different types, methods and apps, so what does it mean - at least for me - about every app I use

1-Facebook having friends on Facebook is like being with them in a huge playground watching what are they doing and may be watching how they are interacting with each other and may be I go poke him or tell him a comment about something he has done, the main difference between this and being with him in the real world that I can more often tell him that I've "liked" something he has done or some news he has shared.










السردين و كاس العالم

فيديو زى غيره من الفيديوهات اللى باشوفها كل يوم

بس اللى بيقوله غير كل اللى شوفته قبل كده

انا هاترجم هنا الجزء اللى انا شايفه مهم من الفيديو من 00:35

حتى يستطيع السردين الدفاع عن نفسه يتحرك كوحده واحده كبيره مما يحير المفترسات (الاعداء) . ولكن الدرافيل (واحد من الاعداء) لديهم استراتيجيه لجعل هذا فى مصلحتهم


Terrorism in Gaza

Peace be upon you, Now I assume that every one around the world has seen what happened in Gaza in the freedom day (Monday 31/5/2010) for you who didn't see or even know what and where is Gaza Gaza is an Arabian/Palestinian city that is located here

The residences of this city have been imprisoned there for years, no food or medical supplies, no money or industrial resources even no healthy water to drink, and all of that because the chose to defend themselves against occupation. and that has been happening unfortunately under the supervision of all the governments, the governments who just care about politics, money and their own personal benefits.

Actually I'm very sad to say that I'm in the country next to them, that it's government didn't care or help, I didn't choose/want this government anyway.

And I hope this blog post does anything for them. and whatever you hear from anybody that this city is supplied with anything just make him see this video


FCIS Graduation Ceremony [How-To]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kind of passing some experience, this post about things I found while preparing for my class's graduation ceremony with this awesome team











some things I realized lately that i think that it would have been better if i knew then in advance, so I'll try to put here all what i found while doing the preparations.

Countable Objects [Problem NOT of the week]

Long time since the first problem..

This is a problem I've faced lately while developing in C# to have some statistics.

I've created a project that does something (of course !! :D) and created a number of classes with some inheritance tree, where some classes inherit from others, anyway, after that i needed to count the number of instances created from each class... pretty simple, just add a counter to the class, add increment/decrement methodology in the constructor/destructor. but. kind of... I'm lazy to open each class, add those members and add them to the newly created, not new!

So.. let's make use of Inheritances,

Create a base class "Countable Object" where all what you need is a private static dictionary which will hold all the type as a key, count as a value, with a constructor that increments the value of the type created.

Cons & Pros [Andalusia]

This Company is somehow special to me, may be coz it was the first IT company I joined in Alex/Professional life it's here, it has an awesome view on that green area it is supposed to be developing ERP System for Hospitals for its parent company -which i think is Andalusia Group- I think I've learned there so much, in so many branches and technical skills, was the first place I write code for semi-Fuzzy logic problem, I dove in SQL server more, I used some tools I didn't use before or even thought I'd never use, coded for MS Office some Automation functions

The best choice


So, how can i tell him ?!!

i can call him, thats gonna waste sometime..

what about an SMS, the phone sux in writing text

i can mention him in a tweet with the message, No, too public !!

a direct message would be a good choice (Y).

but an offline messenger message is more reliable, what about a mail ?!!

but, google wants to replace mail by wave, so a wave would be better