FCIS Assignments Submitter (FAS)

And here comes one of the projects I enjoy working in... This project is somehow similar to that one which is used for FCIS students (the college that I am supposed to be one of its faculty members), And it is used to ease the way we give assignments to students and ease the way they solve it (hoping they solve :D)

First, the main form

And as you can see is divided into 4 parts.






A year and a half of cycling

Well.. That has been a good time since I got my first professional -somehow- bike and my third life time one.

Gotta say..

I really enjoy cycling, long distances are what I enjoy the most, and get exhausted the most as well :D

But that's awesome when you are able to be doing something healthy, specially for devs who work for a week on desk staring in a monitor and the longest distance they move is the maximum length of the mouse wire, yeah it's a curse having touchpad! :D


just wanted to share some experience I had with bikes, where and how to buy, maintenance, accessories and so..


Adding new COM Interface version

Just for my self and other people like me who forget interestingly fast, and do not wish to get E_NOINTERFACE from C++ QueryInterface method after they add new COM interface version for maintaining backward compatibility for the COM object. 4 places to add the new version info.. 1-In the idl file used for the description of the interface, Add the new interface and make sure you put a new UUID for it, make sure it inherits the old interface


dual, helpstring("OldInterface Interface"), 
interface IOldInterface : IDispatch 
//Some old functions 
uuid(9BFB8CD2-C090-4e37-A9AB-AE001B9EB4DC), //new UUID 
helpstring("INewInterface Interface"), 
interface INewInterface : IOldInterface 
//Some new functions 


Getting myself a head start

I really have no idea why do i want to write this post, except that I want to give my self a head start as milestone zero in my MSc thesis work, there have been a year since I was supposed to start in my thesis well.. I love science, I love reading, learning, exploring and inventing, but that's something I love, I can't give it more priority than other responsibilities I have, so starting in the thesis for me needs some factors, first.. a motivation and in Egypt there isn't.. at all! (for me at least)

So it's FCIS third year, ha?!!

Ok, let me see..

First, FCIS third year is not hard at all, it is very interesting and you'll learn so much from it if you wish just try to really free yourself from anything except your studies to enjoy it.

Second, the best thing to learn from during this year in some subjects will be the projects you do, so try to start in those projects as early as possible to give each project enough time and innovate..

Third, what I am going to write next depends mostly on my knowledge and experience that might be outdated as I was in this place may be three years a go and it depends on my way of thinking and opinions.

So, lets see the subjects you do have in it


و ده رأيي

و بدأت السنه الجديده بقنبله فى كنيسه

الحمدلله انى كنت نمت قبلها عشان مكنتش هعرف انام


انا رأيي من زمان فى المواضيع دى انها بتتعمل الاول و بعد كده تتربط بالدين عشان هى دى الحاجه اللى شعب مصر بيعمل انه بيخاف عليها, كل واحد ميعرفش من دينه غير ان التانى ده مش معايا يبقى ضدى

!طيب يعنى ايه بتتعمل و بعد كده تتربط بالدين؟



Happy 2 Ubuntu years..

Hello, Nearly two years have  passed since my move to Ubuntu gotta say, It's an interesting BSOD-less experience :P Of course I won't claim it's perfectly stable but for me it's way more stable than windows. kind of I had some problems most are solved, others needed workarounds, but mostly what i need to do is done at the end thanks to ALLAH The continues problem was that my surrounding colleagues are not Ubuntu familiar/users and I'm working on that problem right now ;D Anyway, I'll list now the apps I found useful during those 2 years and I use them frequently. First, for archiving purposes, this is my current desktop screenshot