Oauth2 LinkedIn problems


Recently I have been implementing signing in to a website using third party services like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn and fetching user information from those websites.

Developing for Drupal using some contributed modules that do most of the hard work, I faced some problems with LinkedIn so I am going to mention them and some other notices.

Basically I wanted first to sign in with the user account (get a token) then grab some info about the user using this token.

[Drupal7] Adding new dependency to solr facets


here are the steps to add new dependency criteria for the facet on Drupal V7.

This post requires basic familiarity with Drupal development and understanding the integration with solr search and facetapi module. 

The dependency of facets is some conditions that are tested to display the facet or not. 

Facets are those controls displayed in the search for to refine the results scope.

There can be more than one dependency, the results of each dependency checks are anded to make the final decision whether to hide or show it. 

[Drupal7] Quick hack to display facet items as checkboxes/radio buttons

Hi, there are some facets that doesn't have the option to be displayed as checkboxes /radio buttons,or another option was required WITH being displayed as checkboxes.

Like displaying the Date range widget facet with date_range option.

With Facetapi module should be enabled add this jquery line to whatever js file loaded with the page.

 $('section.block-facetapi-id a').each(Drupal.facetapi.makeCheckbox);

Happy checkboxing :-)


عجبــاً لِمَـنْ كَرِه اتصـافه بالكذا

و بغيــرِ هــذا مـا فعاله توصفُ

إن كُنـــت تَكره ان تُنادَى بالكذا

لا تأت مِنــهُ ما يُـــرى او يُعرَفُ

إن قـامَ غيـــرك بارتِكـابه للكذا

ُسيكون منك الوصفُ جِداً اعنف

فَـلتنـظرن الى فعالـك ولـتصـف

وصفـاً اميــــــناً, فالامانه اشرفُ

حتى اذا كان اتصافك ما تصف

!نفسك بِــــــهِ, كُــــــــــن منصفُ

تُـب عن كـذا و كـذا و ذا, تجـد

والله ما قتلته رجوعاً عن الاسلام و لكن حمية

قال الواقدي: حدثنا إبراهيم بن جعفر، عن أبيه وحدثنا سعيد بن محمد بن أبي زيد، قال: حدثنا يحيى بن عبد العزيز بن سعيد، قالوا:

كان سويد بن الصامت قد قتل ذيادا، فقتله به المجذر بن ذياد, فهيج بقتله وقعة بعاث.

فلما قدم النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم المدينة أسلم المجذر، والحارث بن سويد بن الصامت، فشهدا بدرا. فجعل الحارث يطلب مجذرا ليقتله بأبيه.

Downloading Youtube videos in Ubuntu

After the flash version 10 as I can remember, the old method of going to the temp folder /tmp/ and copying the video from there is not working, you will not find it there, It is put there then deleted from disk and treated as a file in memory so this is how to get it. Using the terminal:

 pgrep -f flashplayer 

this will display the process IDs using flash player, assume the process ID was 3660, then navigate to the process data


امتياز مع مرتبه الخرف

ردا على بعض الطلاب الذين يتشاكون من الظلم فى التصحيح فى الامتحانات و كثره ما يفقدون من الدرجات

لا تطلبنَ من التقدير ما لست أهلْ له 

 فالقدرُ ما تحـوي لا ما خُط  بالقلمِ

إن تبغين من الدرجات مُرتَفعاً

 فاسعى لها كطواف الحاج فى الحرمِ

و ان ادعيت بأن الدرج غالــــــيةٌ

فامكر لها بمكـــيدِ الذئب للغنمِ

Configuring Environment for OpenCL on Ubuntu with Optimus


First of All, My machine is as follows: Dell Inspiron notebook N5110 Core i5 with Nvidia GT 525M with optimus technology,

This optimus technology is simply the device have two graphics cards, one Intel and the other is the Nvidia one.

This is used to save laptop's battery by disabling the Nvidia card that is relying on GPUs when low graphics processing is needed and doing that on the intel one, and when high performance is needed the work is done on the Nvidia GPUs are redirected to the intel one after being done.