Inline Comments for Drupal 7


Back after a while with my newest projects.. Inline commenting for drupal, which allows you to select a portion of the text and start a conversation about it, I would like to make adrupal module out of it but time is a problem for me, plus it is not stable.. just finished! :D

One problem as usual is that I don't have the artistic sense for design, but tried...

I will not provide information on how to start a conversation because I tried to have it self descriptive, just select some text and see what you can do, if it is not easy then this should be fixed.

And yes, This post is for testing it as it is already deployed here, you just have to open a post to comment on it (No sneaking!).

As usual your comments are more than welcome!

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are you going to release this to public. i was about to start building like this and my search leads to this page
I really would hope to, but I am pretty busy, I will try to publish it as a starting point..