13 Plus Reasons not to grow your children watching Despicable me

Hello, Just some comments I had on mind when watching the Despicable me movies with my kids, my kids are just staring at colors and sounds, they do not understand yet, but when they start understanding they shouldn't be watching it, because:

  1. Stealing is not ok because you are funny!
  2. Innovation in stealing is a bad, because stealing is bad.
  3. Photo copying a butt is inappropriate for adults to be ok for kids to watch!
  4. Grabbing somebody from between his legs is inappropriate too!!
  5. Good deeds for putting back what you have stolen is not enough, remember, Stealing is bad :)
  6. Stealing from another theif is not ok because he is mean, Stealing is bad.
  7. Stealing Timesquare jumbo screen is as bad as stealing a small statue replica from Las Vegas, Stealing is bad.
  8. If somebody is cheating in a game, we do not have the right to destroy his booth, there are laws to follow.
  9. You can not have funny minions, who help you passionatly to steal, Stealing is bad.
  10. You can not have a girl/boy friend (for Muslims), The least level of relationship allowed between a boy and a girl is engagement.
  11. Having a date is not allowed (for Muslims).
  12. We don't Install the Bot OS each time we run the robot, It should be already running to perform our commands (just saying).
  13. Watching one of the minions imagining himself with the woman running on the beach and kissing because she smiled to him is not what you want to build your kids imagination with.
  14. Not to mention the movie title, Being mean in a funny way...

If you are ok with those points, don't get sad or angry when they get such behaviours, If you are ok and will still let them watch those movies, then get ready to answer your kids' un-asked questions :)

Happy Parenting.