Saving wasted water from a six-stages water filter


The place I am living in right now needs a water filter because the water supplied is not that good to be drunk, so I got a water filter branded "Tank", this one is six stages filter, each stage has a different mission, so the water enters from a side of each stage and gets out from the other side.

Except one!

This stage has one input side and two outputs on the other side, and one of the outputs goes directly to the drain, as this stage separates the input water to drinkable water and another stream of non-drinkable water, most probably this is the viruses filtration stage.

When the filter works, it pulls water from the water source, filters it and fills a reservoir may be 15 liters or more beside it, and there is an outlet from this reservoir where we use the clean water,

Watching it works I noticed that there are MUCH drained water getting from the filter, may be 19 or more litres of water that has already passed on at least 3 stages of the filter, which is a very much big waste of to-somepoint-clean water.

So, I got a big water bottle from a friend, as in the picture below

and using a hot screw driver I made two holes in the cover of the bottle and its side at the bottom

Next step is to get a plastic valve and attach it to the bottle in the bottom hole, and to prevent water leaks I used teflon strips around the valve and silicon around the valve after attaching it to the bottle.

After that changing the filter wasted water route by putting the outlet tube in the upper bottle hole.

Now I can use the water with any non-drinkable need, or even boil it and drink

PLUS... those two reservoirs are very good water source when water gets cut on the place.

Note: That was very summarized, please let me know if you needed more info :)

Why didn't you buy panasonic filter? I believe it's better than the Tank?
Was too busy to look for options at this time, and that was the first thing I found! :D
That is huge waste of water , I didn't know that it returns back water to the sewer. hmm , you can attach a small electric pump , and use the water you collected for plants.
Yeah, I am using it for the plants, but not enough, it gets full multiple times a day, will think of another solution, most probably will send it back to the dishes washing kitchen sink...