Cons & Pros [NTPSoftware]


I love it!

For me right now it is the best place to work in in Egypt, gives you a good degree of freedom and no need to care for transportation...

Except that I am having some overloaded situation I wouldn't have left it.

So, continuing the Cons & Pros series..


1-Working  from home! no transportation, no driving, no dressing, no anything write code and get money! :D

2-Has a great deal of flexibility, you can work very late or very early, you have a task .. finish it.

3-Product Oriented Company to a high extent, which means you -The company- think of the features, invent, get ideas and so, and no customer would say that was not the requirements or we don't like that button make it a check box! the development management are the ones who say so! :D but anyway telling your team lead or development lead or even the CEO that some feature is technically tough or would affect other area is much easier than telling the customer...

4-Sensitive products, it's mainly for data security, so they have to be very fast, responsive and accurate, some times you can't reach perfection but chasing that would give you  a great deal of knowledge and experience.

5-You will meet with awesome people, great minds, most are geeks.. what do you expect C++ Developers to be anyway.. :D

6-Variety in what you can -have to :D - do, as I mentioned before its product oriented, so we need some functionality we write it with whatever can be used, personally I have written C++, C#, C, ASP.NET, VB, Makefiles scripts, Unix Shell scripts, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Install shield scripts, and that language used in SQL Server Reporting Services no idea what was it!

and right now there are iPhone and Android projects going on.

besides some technologies IPC, NIS, Active Directory, MVC, WPF, ADO, COM and a hell of threading!

So... you are going to enjoy! ;D

7-Learning what is real debugging! Chasing bugs and leaks between threads and processes, learning how do the application work in memory, references, pointers, data structures internals and how each line of code can affect whatever and learning how to detect leaks, possible bugs and crashes. (I think you now can guess what did I mean by great minds :D)

8-For me the salary is good compared to other companies in Egypt.

9-Easy to get a vacation or work at the weekend instead of normal working days.

10-The weekend is Saturday and Sunday, so In Sunday you can enjoy the city when people are at work or you can go finish some paperwork or get your driving license without the need to get a vacation for that. :D


1-Your social life is your own business, you meet online using some software you work on the same desk you eat and sleep at, you see none except you family... so you will have to do some work and do some activities outside your home away from transistors :D

Lately there is a monthly meeting in some place which affected that point greatly but still you need sometime for yourself..

2-You need a good time management plan and the ability to isolate your job from your personal life or they are both going to be affected.

3-Nothing called Senior developer, actually I don't care about this point, but I see some of my friends care about that in their companies so was just mentioning it, you be a developer, team lead and one day there was an architect.. and all write code!! :D

4-No paid vacations.. you need a vacation lose the payment for those hours.

5-You have to keep asking for your salary raise.

6-In Egypt it will be a bit hard to officially prove that you have a job, you can consider it as freelancing, how can you prove that this is an official job? (you would rarely need that, who cares anyway)

7-Migration to new tools is tough, some products is still using Visual Studio 6

At the end, I've learned, Enjoyed, Coded, Slept while working (normal situation) and  seen Rashad in this company!!! :D

once again.. I Love it.

Abdallah was one of the best additions to NTP Software. Good luck.