Adding new COM Interface version

Just for my self and other people like me who forget interestingly fast, and do not wish to get E_NOINTERFACE from C++ QueryInterface method after they add new COM interface version for maintaining backward compatibility for the COM object. 4 places to add the new version info.. 1-In the idl file used for the description of the interface, Add the new interface and make sure you put a new UUID for it, make sure it inherits the old interface


  [   object,   uuid(69BBF687-D8AE-4f7c-8E61-96DD47FA12C8),   dual, helpstring("OldInterface Interface"),   pointer_default(unique)  ]   interface IOldInterface : IDispatch   {   //Some old functions   };   [   object,   uuid(9BFB8CD2-C090-4e37-A9AB-AE001B9EB4DC), //new UUID   dual,   helpstring("INewInterface Interface"),   pointer_default(unique)   ]   interface INewInterface : IOldInterface   {   //Some new functions   }; 


2-Adding entry in the coclass definition in the same idl file

  coclass SomeClass   {   [default] interface INewInterface;   interface IOldInterface;   }; 

3-Changing the interface version entry in the .h file you created for the implementation of the COM class

  class ATL_NO_VTABLE CSomeClass :   public CComCoClass<CSomeClass, &CLSID_SomeClass>,   public ISupportErrorInfo,   public IDispatchImpl<INewInterface, &IID_INewInterface, &LIBID_library_name>   {     //class implementation   } 

4-Adding an entry in the COM map in the same .h file


Then I hope we don't get E_NOINTERFACE error again, that one with the ugly error code -2147467262 (signed long) or 2147500034(unsigned long) or 0x800004002 (hex) Thanx!