Getting myself a head start

I really have no idea why do i want to write this post, except that I want to give my self a head start as milestone zero in my MSc thesis work, there have been a year since I was supposed to start in my thesis well..

I love science, I love reading, learning, exploring and inventing, but that's something I love,

I can't give it more priority than other responsibilities I have, so starting in the thesis for me needs some factors, first.. a motivation and in Egypt there isn't.. at all! (for me at least) Masters and PHDs are just numbers added each year to some statistics the are sent somewhere unused, the same as the thesis themselves, not used.. copies are sent to universities libraries not for being used but for the sake of applying some stupid ancient laws!

I never ever heard in Egypt that any project in any field is using some recent thesis for some scientist! even in some traffic routs and paths I think mind itself is not used rather than an advanced way of thinking or some research work!

So.. for me the only motivation for me to do my MSc in Egypt is to keep my job as a faculty member, that itself isn't from the best or even a god job, as a job it sucks! the only reason I'm still there is that I am seeing myself giving some value and in a post I can help my country/nation, and believe me,

I have been thinking so much in quitting and still.. if you think I have to quit just let me know! and oh! please don't tell me that doing my masters will help my nation, country or even the faculty itself, as I told you they are not used! and the problems here are far more basic to be solved using an advanced way of thinking, a working mind would do a fantastic change.. so I want to keep that job (till now) so I have to start working in my thesis, but wait, please don't think that I am not working in it for the sake of laziness (yes I am lazy but not with things I love :D )

I am just busy with life responsibilities that I am hundred percent responsible for.. getting some more money for the pile of meat behind me (Egyptian slang for my wife and children) future children indeed, I have none now, so relatively it is a small pile :D anyway my only problem right now is time,

I really have tight schedules and if I get any free time I abuse it to have some rest.. as you can see, I had no time to even blog for a long time..

So I am looking forward to make some time organizations and give some more sacrifices to get some time for the MSc thesis work to see if I will be able to continue or unfortunately retreat..

As I told at the beginning of the post, I have no idea why I really want to blog about that except giving myself a head start and creating a motive for myself by blogging what I am doing..

For now, I started reading a paper in Computational Geometry, more precisely in Delaunay Triangulation, most probably I will work on it for my MSc thesis. I will be searching for some online courses in the field first, and try to follow one and hopefully will continue in it till the end. Cheers.

الله يوفقك و يعينك و يقويك :)
Thanx :D
I found a video at the end which I really liked. Turned out to be an ad!
What video?!! I can't see any O_o
That's because it's and ad dumbo. Now I can't see it either. It was about getting old anyway and I kinda liked it. More than your post :p
Farid, Get the hell out of my blog!
it's gonna be great isA :)
yeah I know, but you have to control your "شهوه" when you have other responsibilities :D Thanx for the link, seems great!
dude, for the passion of science, to dig deep in some topic you really enjoy, enjoy شهوة العلم :D here is an applet that you will really like about your topic ;)