Project 365!


I got a new digital camera, thanx to Allah then my dear fiancée for choosing it for me...

And as usual, that's how projects 365 are started :D

So, lets give it a try...

actually i had this idea in mind and wanted to start it later on, but why not now, lets get some experience till the time i wanted to start it..

and since I had got my camera just yesterday, so I will start the project yesterday, I got a picture while testing it and it's modes and found it a bit related...

pretty informative ha ?! :D, I hope i can continue..

I won't promise that I will upload further pics in this project because I won't :D

as today I found my self free since looong time and that's why I found the opportunity to blog..

23-4-2011, My project 365 has just started..

Stay tuned, for what?.. no idea :D


malesh feeeeeeeeeeh ana 3ayez kol youm sora :P :P :D w mabrouk el camera ya Jaqoup
Thanx.. a pic per month is good ?! :D
Gograts :D:D بس يا رب قعلا تستمر انا بدأ المشروع ده و انتهيت اني مش بصور كل يوم بس بصور ساعات يعني
I guess I can make a "ScreenShot" everyday :D :D