acmASCIS Submitter (FCIS Version)

Hello there, Long time no see, ha?! Anyway, I'm glad to announce the release a special version of my lovely project "acmASCIS Submitter"

This version is customized for my faculty to help in the "Introduction to Algorithms" course, as there are some assignments containing problems to be solved on the UVA ACM judge All what is added to this version is a form and a couple of buttons with some functionalities

The upper button "Student Info." launches the following form to fill in the student info

So that after the student submits the problem to UVA a confirmation dialog will pop-up to the student asking if to submit this answer to FCIS TAs (Teaching Assistants) or not.

If the "Yes" button is clicked the answer will be submitted instantaneously, else it will be saved The second button "Send TAs" will send the LAST problem submitted to FCIS TAs If you have any suggestions or caught a bug, please let me know! :) Go ahead and download it from my box in the side column and enjoy your assignments ;)

Change Log:


  • Bug Fix: Fixed a hang that occurs when the judge response is "Runtime error", Thanx Hano2a


  • Bug Fix: Fixed the problem ID for the sent problems in the contest section in UVA (for problems numbers greater than 11300), Thanx Hano2a
أنا مبسوط أنى اول واحد يرد مبروك يا "دكتور" عبدالله :D
nice effort , bs momken tewada7 azay how sha3'al mn gawa ? w hal howa byb3at to the TA al program itself , low keda momken yeb2a more general to be used at other subjects ..
It submits to UVA and send the result (including the solution code) to the TAs yes
Greaaaaaaaat .. I was sure that having a TA like you will make a difference (Y)(Y)(Y) keep it up DR. :D
niiiiceeeee (Y) I used it to submit an old postponed problem .. and got an AC :D and I liked the intro part a lot :D
Congrats on the AC ;D
I suggest putting it on GitHub or BitBucket; allowing more people to contribute enhancements and bug fixes in order to keep it alive. Also, I suggest making a Visual Studio Addon, similar to <a href="" title="Stanford Assignment Submitter" rel="nofollow"> for students to submit all their assignments/projects to TAs.</a> Keep up the good work.
Yeah, iLike the idea of open sourcing it, but it just needs some time. but i think what we really need is a good server in the faculty or wherever, and one or two good Devs dedicated to maintain it and develop a good system to receive the assignments
I Liked it SOOOOOOOOOOOO Mush msA the entrance, the way it tells AC , and every thing. But , when i got runtime error the program stopped working, didnt send me the judge respond , and doesn't respond again. that happened with me twice
Ok, I'll look into that and fix it soon, Thanx :)
I'll create the serial gen.exe later :D
fen el crack ya 3abdala :D :D :D
Now I'm Submitting all my solutions with it , really i like it.. an other problem faced me when submitting problem # 11876 it submitted for # 11771 the same with # 11854 --&gt; # 11749
Ok, I'll look into that :D
Should be fixed now..
Now it doesn't hang when it receives run time error, but it doesn't receive the judges respond
and also stopped responding after about 10 mins
I tested it and found it working, anyway, i uploaded new versions in both FCIS and the normal version, check my box and get the latest and test it.. let me know if you had the same problem again..
Ok, I'll check it as soon as i be able to.. Thanx :)
[...] project is somehow similar to that one which is used for FCIS students (the college that I am supposed to be one of its faculty members), [...]