Terrorism in Gaza

Peace be upon you, Now I assume that every one around the world has seen what happened in Gaza in the freedom day (Monday 31/5/2010) for you who didn't see or even know what and where is Gaza Gaza is an Arabian/Palestinian city that is located here

The residences of this city have been imprisoned there for years, no food or medical supplies, no money or industrial resources even no healthy water to drink, and all of that because the chose to defend themselves against occupation. and that has been happening unfortunately under the supervision of all the governments, the governments who just care about politics, money and their own personal benefits.

Actually I'm very sad to say that I'm in the country next to them, that it's government didn't care or help, I didn't choose/want this government anyway.

And I hope this blog post does anything for them. and whatever you hear from anybody that this city is supplied with anything just make him see this video

and this is the truth!! check its source http://www.occupation101.com/

If you wanna see more, just navigate here and see the rest of the relevant videos on youtube

So, on Monday 31/5/2010 a group of world free people from all over the world (Turkey, The United States, Britain, Australia, Greece, Canada, Malaysia, Algeria, Serbia, Belgium, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Kuwait, Egypt,..)

decided to break that siege on Gaza, not by weapons but by supplying people in Gaza by a tiny portion of what they needed, so they prepared more than 5 ships "on their own" and sailed on those ships towards Gaza

those ships had wheel chairs for people who had some disabilities resulted from the continues raids performed against them regularly in a daily basis

also had food and medical supplies...

But. those ships were intercepted and attacked in a piracy action from the Israeli forces "while it was still in the international waters", those ships  was not going to pass in their local waters anyway...

Those ships were attacked by a full trained and full-armed commandos forces dropped by choppers against those who were on board of those ships during the night !!!

and those people were shot using live weapons leading to +10 killed and +30 injured in the worst chaotic action ever  !!

and check more here

and those Israeli terrorists, claim that those ships has terrorists on them, what a stupid lie !!

of course you can see the videos on youtube and every where on the internet and see where were those terrorists.

another claim is that people on board were the ones who started the fight, ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!

who jumped on whose ship full-armed AT NIGHT..

So, now after what those pirates have done, by killing and injuring those peaceful civilians they will try to spread their "I am sorry, I didn't mean it" through all the "paid" media to try to convince the world that they where the good guys and all the countries every where are the terrorists, WE HAVE TO STOP THAT SHIT !

If you don't even care for Gaza, the humanity or truth, just be fair so that someday somebody be fair with you when you need him.

Just deliver the message  those people died for..

They didn't pay their lives for nothing !

the least thing you can do is share or tweet this post or anything that shows for those who don't know about the massacre that happened.

else you can tweet with the #Gaza #Flotilla hash-tags, blog or even talk to a friend who don't know or misunderstood the situation, use whatever powers you have and make sure it will sure have an effect somehow.

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update. found this one by Qatato

جزاك الله خيرا على البوست يا عبدالله. أنا هنشره للناس اللى أعرفهم, وهشوف ناس تنشره
Gzak allah 5airaaan ana kont 3yzaa f3llan topic aw post zy da anshroooo ll non arabic friends
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