One Clap!

I've watched this video dozens of time in the last three days

I don't know why I loved that video that much,

may be coz I found a big number of Egyptians doing something as one hand, following whoever person but they all know what they wanted and acting together without somebody doing alone his better idea..

I won't talk about what they say, except it delivers the message clear and high in a catchy rhythm (and that has always been the Egyptian mind, It needs only to believe in its aim and it will figure out the best way ever to reach it, that's why every body else is always distracting it)

whatever, I always enjoy watching them while they are saying the same phrases, the same rhythm and even the same clap!

If you've noticed, they had another two sound amplifiers but they where following that man leading them, they could have invented another better rhythm or something, but now their voice is loud and clear, and their message was very high that I (who is miles away and rarely watches TV) got their message and knew what they wanted...

really I hope their problems gets solved and I hope they be as one hand forever and others ( mainly all Arabs) learn how to be strong.

I Hope that this post does transfer their message somewhere else.

قد ايه هما ناس متحضرين. شوف كده, هما واقفين على الرصيف, حتى بدون ما يكون فى أمن مركزى + انهم بيعترضوا باسلوب متحضر جدا جدا, وكلهم بيقولوا نفس الكلام مع بعض, ومنظمين, ومش بيقولوا أى كلام قبيح ولا بيشتموا حد. فعلا ناس يستحقوا أننا نرفعلهم القبعة, عرفوا ازاى يطلبوا حقوقهم باحترام.