FCIS Graduation Ceremony [How-To]

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kind of passing some experience, this post about things I found while preparing for my class's graduation ceremony with this awesome team

GC Behind the scenes

some things I realized lately that i think that it would have been better if i knew then in advance, so I'll try to put here all what i found while doing the preparations.

First of all, If u can prepare it away from the faculty that would be ur best decision, but actually they wont let you do! not because formality but it brings them some money :D anyway

Before the Ceremony

1-Every student in my class paid 150LE after being graduated under the name of the graduation ceremony, and it was completely enough for it!

Invitation By Menna Tawilla

doing the math, u'll be having +30K LE for the ceremony, and I think it'll be enough for the Hall + Printings + Decorations + The Dean's meal!! (there was a meal for the organizers but all what I saw was empty boxes with food smell :D ) where this hall was Chefren Hall in the CICC, so each student was allowed to bring 3 companions and pay 50LE for each I can say that those 50LE were not necessary but kind of we were obligated to. pst. if u (the whole class) can be one hand, u can take get the companions for free, in my case we couldn't try that as it was late to know it

Invitation Back By Menna Tawilla

2-You have to announce for the yearbook away earlier, as u know, it takes months for ur colleagues to open their mail and send a pic+sentence , and you should get the designs finished as soon as possible.

3-DO NOT rely on the faculty for anything, coz simply they don't care! all what they do care is how to get max, pay min and say "we are proud of you" and i really mean "anything".

4-Most probably you will be the ones who will handle the caps "financially I mean", duno may be coz it has a little profit or something or high risk, duno.

5-prepare a good design team coz u'll need it badly. the designs u'll need

  • The Yearbook
  • Back poster for the hall this one may be 4 m height and 8 width (according to the hall)
  • 2 or 3 fliers
  • Graduation ceremony invitations
  • Nametags for the class, VIPs and the  ushers
  • seat tags (u can just use re-print the nametags)
  • CD Cover for the recorded video in the ceremony
CD Cover By Andira

6-If u r planing to show some vids, start preparing it ASAP, so u can have time to handle runners and re-edit the vids if u need.

7-prepare a team of ushers/receptionists who should be very patient as it is a tough job :D

8-If u can, do not invite anyone with a rank higher than the faculty dean, as most probably he'll be busy having some other appointments that day, so they will hurry up every thing leading to a complete mess, exactly as what happened with us :s

9-Make sure that all the class names are included in the list u'll get from the faculty, coz we got a list that doesn't have the names of the people who failed in the exams and remade it in November, they'll get certificates just make sure they are included.

On the graduation ceremony day

1-Try to be at the hall as early as possible and make sure you have enough cars ready to go from/to the faculty to bring staff, as if u wait for them, they will be at the hall so late (didn't i say "do not rely on them?!!")

Waiting till they remember the appointment (By TeCNoYoTTA)

2-Of course make sure that every thing is working fine, Datashows/Screens , Sound, Lights...etc

3-Your first priorities to bring there should be the seat tags and the decoration staff.

4-Make sure to review the ceremony program with the Doctor representing the faculty who will be the first speaker in the ceremony more than a time, clearly as possible and discuss briefly every point coz simply he won't understand it from the printed paper (true!), or he'll just improvise (which will happen to be the exact opposite from what u have prepared).

5-Have somebody to take pics for u while preparing, coz u'll love those pics more than the ceremony's :D

6-Try to perform a rehearsal for the students entrance to the hall wearing those weird customs :D WHERE THE YELLOW CAP STRIPES SHOULD BE ON THE FRONT LEFT OF UR FACE PEOPLE!!!!

After the ceremony

1-enjoy with ur friends a nice after-party outing and take lots of pics :D

2-DO NOT open the envelope u'll be handed in the ceremony !!!

they'll tell u it contains a certificate, but actually it contains the worst designed, bloody green, hand written with the worst font, badly smelling piece of paper !!

u can just keep it in its envelope for a better life :D

(Thanx to ZIZO for the Video and Waleed for the Track)

This video was supposed to be shown in the ceremony as "FCIS's 10th birthday", but it was introduced as "FCIS in brief", that's why you should review the ceremony program :D

At The end, I really want to thank every body who helped in the preparations, Ushers, Receptionists, Designers, Video Creators and those who helped and the best team I've ever been preparing events :D

:) Friends for ever isA :)

pst: If u needed any help please do not hesitate to contact me

This is great, I hope that the upcoming generations use our experience well :)
I really hope so :-[
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