Cons & Pros [Andalusia]

This Company is somehow special to me, may be coz it was the first IT company I joined in Alex/Professional life it's here, it has an awesome view on that green area it is supposed to be developing ERP System for Hospitals for its parent company -which i think is Andalusia Group-

I think I've learned there so much, in so many branches and technical skills, was the first place I write code for semi-Fuzzy logic problem,

I dove in SQL server more,

I used some tools I didn't use before or even thought I'd never use, coded for MS Office some Automation functions

studied the software development life cycle a bit deeply, and seen the SDLC in real life

kind of I changed the way I look at a problem to solve it using the programming paradigm used there -XML Programming- and used so many tools for manipulating XML, It's the kind of company that wants to create its own technology

This Company has one major problem, that it's CEO is its Customer, so he'll never get satisfied... and to satisfy him, the product will be wrecked.. pretty obvious.. the Owner is the one who tries to put the least resources and the Client is the one who tries to get the best product, so the whole process will be very tough to get to the optimum point. so I think he has to choose only one role !! except that, i think that this company has the reasons to succeed, it has the experience, passion and a very friendly environment ,not talking about the IT people :huh (kidding) ah,

And about the security policy there, i completely hate it ! sorry, but i wanted to say that :D I just felt it a bit humiliating to treat me as the one who wants to get the company secrets out, beside there was nothing to get out :D the whole technology used is in my mind, the files i create won't reveal anything... actually no file would reveal something :D besides it affected my work when you blocked wordpress or blogspot, programming info there is better on blogs than any documentation.. and facebook was allowed !!! :D anyway, I can tell that I've enjoyed the work there after all, with an awesome team, helpful leader and a nerd manager.. :D

I Loved that view, Isn't it enough that it's in Alex <3

Great post and i really looking forward to get to professional life as you did. (I am a third year CS student btw).
I'm glad u've liked it, but u have to enjoy ur academic life now, i miss it :)
great post , i like it much we all looking forward seeing the SDLC in real life if you don't mind , is there any other companies you know like Andalusia ( i mean IT medical Services companies )?
frankly i don't know right now, but I'll tell you if i knew anything ;)