The Very Good Studying strategy

here is what I've found myself being doing in the previous 6 years of my life, which was the last 6 years in my undergraduate life.

First... can u tell me what is the aim of being student ?! logically, to master some field serving some other people who master another field so all people get all services living in a proper way... so i enter the school and college to learn how to do some specific thing. so, the main aim is to "Learn".

but that aim just has been ruined... and another one evolved, which is to pass the exams with the greatest grades, which is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous...

what is the point when i get even 100% or an A+ without knowing how can that be useful.

so for some people they have 2 goals rather than one, one to learn and the other is to pass, . originally the exams are to show if this student has learned or not, so it's a tool not an aim...

so, that was my strategy that has been built incrementally, it didn't yield to the top position but at least i could handle both goals...

1-attend the lectures and concentrate, you don't have to write every thing, just take some notes or none!

I remember I had a notebook during my first year at the faculty where i took notes and in some lectures I wrote all what was said and never opened that notebook later. may be coz i get distracted while writing so i won't be able to understand, and remember that the main aim of the lecture to understand. this point is only valid if there is a defined syllabus(a book, Papers, some presentations etc..) else that writing will be your syllabus.

2-Sections/labs are as important as the lecture.

in some subjects topics are repeated and in others it's not, just try to understand, memorize & link it with what u have seen in the lecture.

finish ur tasks/assignments as soon as possible, as perfect as possible as they will should be ur primary studying activity besides it keeps you reminded with what u have taken in the lecture/lab and you can come up with some of the future problems that would be solved in next lectures so you'd understand the main aim of the lecture helping u to concentrate better.

If there isn't... create one but most probably in my faculty most -if not all- subjects assignments, tasks or even complete projects.

3-never ever think how can i be asked about this info. in an interview or the exam

This act really blinds your mind, just understand it and your mind will put this info to solve some problem in the future, it won't matter then it's an interview, exam or even a problem u faced in the street. just try to build a healthy mind...

4-You don't need to study :)

Yeah, sure!! till 3-4 weeks before the finals you needn't to study if you have time after finishing your tasks, u can read in anything else, practice ACMing or develop in some App.

simply because you'll forget them 3 days later. ah, yeah.. welcome on earth :D and pliz pliz pliz stop saying repetition will do anything except wasting my time on something i already did dozens of times !! for me -I won't say never- but I can't remember one time I've studied for the mid-term exam, it's completely worthless..

why should i sit down and study half the syllabus to get 10/10 in that exam, where this "10" will be divided by some factor and added to some others divided by some dozens, and at the end it would be 4 marks from 100 or so !!!! is 4% of the marks worth studying half the syllabus ?!! besides u won't lose them if u are already concentrating in the lectures and doing your tasks so in the worst case you'll get 50% of the marks in the mid-terms which would be 2 degrees or so, then you'd be studying for 2% which is illogical... u can use the mid-term exams to know how the teacher thinks, and how does he format the questions ah, and don't waste this time for nothing, coz believe me "your time is very precious", get an e-book or develop something

5-in the last 4 weeks u have to concentrate to study all the subjects in those weeks

it's not hard or tough.. at all...

u just need to manage your time.

i used to divide all the subjects on those 4 weeks and created some study schedules like that one

notice that the subjects were divided evenly and alternatively do not compress some days coz the first chapters are easy, just divide them evenly and if u found yourself have time to finish some future items, then do it and DO NOT say I'll finish some subject in three or four consecutive days, that method really sux you'll feel that u have alot of things to be done, besides you'll get ur head messed up and you will find yourself very very busy.

using this method i had very long free time, that I used to watch complete TV series on my PC in this time in the last semester i watched 6 seasons from Friends :D

6-Study from the source itself, not the notes or some papers

coz every body tends to summarize what he learns in his mind, so summarizing a summary won't be good :D

but summarizing the source would give u at the end a nice deal about the subject plus some extra info that won't harm you anyway

7-No information is harmful

You just don't know how are u gonna use it in the future, I really regretted not caring about some subjects i needed badly u just understand it well, and you'll be able to get it all in mind later on easily when u need it

7-Choose your studying time

try to have it regularly at the same time daily, and try to get a peaceful time. I've found that after El Fajr prayers till Al Zohr is the best time in the day, but you'll need to sleep early yeah, u have exams :D

8-always remember u r there to learn not for anything else


that worked for me with 4 consecutive "Very Good"s in the previous 4 years, plus those two high school years which i think is a good time span to collect some conclusions with this strategy I'd love to know your opinion, but again let's have it here, not on facebook.

aktar 7aga 3agabetny el comic looooool For me it was quite the same except I usually revised a little before the midterms, I didn't do the assignments I didn't enjoy doing :D and my final study schedule started about 3 days before the exams those days are over now (almost) so enjoy the work life
I could agree with most of the points except #4 .. Come'on you've just mentioned that one shouldn't be studying to pass an exam or get high grades.. Its similar then to say: Put a crappy code for the LE 10 Project.. or guess what why the heck am I going spend much time doing projects which worth 10 marks too (or less) and be keen to 'decorate' my code and do bonus stuff for no single mark !! :D Anyway I believe everyone has their own way of studying, and I could see it worthy to split my study into two halves (before & after midterm) ... Nice post though :)
"Put a crappy code for the LE 10 Project.." yeah, i would definitely do that if the ONLY gain is the 10 LE.. but it has never been that case.. during the faculty life, u decorate, enhance add other features for urself to learn or for a proof of a concept or even to make it easier for others to learn from. u should do the bonus, not to get the extra marks, but because u'll learn something new and is tough to be done, so that why teachers say it is a "Bonus" work see point #8 ;) and in the work life, u have to enhance it to fight with you competitors or to guarantee future customers, so the enhancement won't be worth 10LE, it would be 10^10LE or even to get ur code readable so u'll save time and effort for other developers which is costy but for the midterm exams, there is no gain except 3 or 4 marks and for me it was to know how the Dr. thinks. and about ur splitting of ur study, actually u r repeating it if u did study half the courses for the midterms, u'll repeat the same operations to study the same half plus the other half for the final exam. and if what u do before the final exam is just study the other half, so thats not the optimum coz u'll forget what u have studied 2 months ago. anyway, i've always seen the projects/tasks is where i do learn or even reading the books, not from the exams, so somehow it didn't worth studying that tough. but come'on i've already read the book and done the tasks so some more little effort to get those stupid marks.
True :) But what happened with me last semester (and this one) is that we'd only 1 week to study the whole thing before the finals (whether 5/6 subjects)... I believe it'd be impossible to start things from scratch by that period !.. Anyway you're 100% right that doing weekly assignments + projects is great way to learn the subject from the core ;) Cheers Mate :)
i agree with u about all what u said except #4 not for all subject i was studying physics and statistics that has a lot of definitions and theories need to study it so you can remember it later and it very hard to study all of them in the last 4 weeks :D i did all what u said at college especially 3rd and 4th year the same strategy, i got good (73%) in 3rd year and Excellent in 4th year so i think it depend on the subject an to the person some people can't remember what he heared in the lecture but at all very good article thx :)
enty adra bmanahegko :D, bass with my math and physics i could do it :)
Nice ya 3abdala :D ....bas ana moshkelti ba2a en el mo7adrat betkon el sa3a 8 :D ma3na keda eni bakon 3ala el serer we el mo7adra sha3'ala :D ya3ni ta2reban el sana deh 90% men mo7adrat el sa3a 8 mesh 7adrtha dah ba2a 3'er en el mo7adrat a7yanan keter betb2a momelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa f ta2reban bardo 75% men el mo7adrat eli ba7drha bakon nayem feha :D:D ..yemken el sections hya a7san 7aga 3andi ..3ashan ba7dr fe ay ma3ad b mazagai we kaman mesh betkon momela awi !
I realized after it is too late that attending lectures could be not only very useful, but also the easiest way to pass and achieve high grades. Not only attending, but concentrating as well. Usually if you attended you will pass, and the degree of concentration you pay to the professor is directly proportional to your grade and simplicity in studying the subject and inversely proportional to the time you spend trying to understand what the subject deals with. Scientific Visualization this year, which I have attended all its lectures and never studied anything about it except the last week before the final exam and a single day before the midterm exam is the best proof for that. Even if I didn't achieve a high grade, it's not because I was lazy, but because maybe I do not have the ability of answering the exams very well, however, I do understand like 90% of the contents very well alhamdulillah. Other subjects, I have been suffering and regretting not attending and concentrating.