Cons & Pros [ShuraTech]

This company is located in El Maadi, here and that was the first company I've been in, that was internship, i lasted there for a month. it was a small company, we where 8 developers there during that time, but they've increased now.

It had relatively good projects and clients

the thing that made me very happy in the first week there, i wrote some AJAX code implementing the auto-complete like google's :D and implemented two algorithms i had just learned while ACMing in JAVA (edit distance, soundex) the good thing there that i was holding a whole project by my own, in C# i felt how was it to take care for some features that may not be of any importance for me, but is irritating that it doesn't exist for the users like "Esc" button to close the form, I NEVER USED "Esc" TO CLOSE A FORM !!! and some other functions key plus the "Tab" navigation and for the first time i needed the "decimal" data type to have accurate decimal point calculations.

The thing that i didn't like there that my learning curve tended to stop rising. after two weeks i was doing the same thing and applying what i know to develop in the project. and at this time, i was more interested in knowledge rather than experience.

So i was thinking to go back home to Alex to study or start my ACM training, but ZIZO got me internship in Mentor Graphics with a whole new paradigm, Thanx ZOZZ ! :) ah, i forgot to say, the greatest CON in that company that it was in Cairo, and the best PRO that it's manager is originally from Alexandria :)