LinkIt [Chrome Extension]

And that would be my first extension for Google Chrome/Chromium :)

As i'm have been using FireFox -and still using it- for a long time, getting used to double clicking text -non activated- links to be opened in another tab using the FireFox plugin Text Link so i don't have to go into the process  "Select" - "Ctrl + t"- "Ctrl + v" + Enter to navigate to that link you just go and double click the plain link to open it in a new tab or an email to open the default mail client

Features are to be added in future updates God willing, so u should install it from the chrome extensions gallery to ease the updating process from here.

designs by Hend Abd El Mon3em.

Current Features,  it Opens:


1- Simple links in only one format (either it's all bold, Italic,..., the same color, unformatted)

2-Links surrounded by any combination of Spaces, Single Quotes, Double Quotes

3-http://, ftp://, https://, file:// links

4-Simple links with mixed formats, if it didn't work just change the click position

5-Simple links in the format (i.e , )


1-links surrounded by brackets and comma [], (] , url(


1-homepage links without preceding "http://" or "www" e.g.,

2-changed Icon


1-added option to choose either the new tabs to be opened in the background or focused in a toolbar button.


1-moved the option to the extensions options page


1-added support for opening the default mail client on double clicking on a mail text like

2-added the option to search Google for unmatched text, with the ability to disable that option from the options page


1-Supported websites with frames any comments are welcome :)

leh? ”Select” – “Ctrl + t”- “Ctrl + v” + Enter tab momken ta3mel: - Ctrl+Click - or Mouse Middle click :D The extension would be good in taking care of the spaces though ;)
ZIZO: i'm talking about non-activated links, like those in the post :D
Yeah, I got it ... why don't you just activate them :D? BTW, I have rated ur extension on the gallery ;)
hayeb2a shaklaha we7esh :D w 3shan yeb2a shaklaha saye3 ;) 7abib alby ya Zizo (K) e3mel enta extension men hena wana ha5osh a rate-halak koll youm ;D
V.Nice ya 3abdala :D .....we fekra 7elwa we mofeda :D
Thanks nice topic : )
TeCNoYoTTa & Rehab, i'm glad u liked it :)
very nice idea thx ya abdallah 3ala al fakra :) we al amda 3ala al sora 3agabtni bardo ;)
Thanx :)
the install link seems to not work anymore?
i've just checked it now and it's working properly anyway here is it
Very nice extension. Thanks a lot for your work. Would it be possible to put the Linkit options onto the extensions page? Then the Linkit button on the tool bar could be avoided. Options will be used not very often anyway.
i agree, and i'll move it soon :)
Good work, keep it up. I noticed a typo at line 126 sWholeText=sSearhTerm; Should be sWholeText=sSearchTerm;
ah i c, Thanx :)
ok, i'll be working on that, just give me some time :)
Can you make it switch to the newly opened tab automatically?
Silly me! I didn't notice the extension had options!
Is it possible to change the way settings are stored, as it doesn't remember options after "clear browsing data" and there's other plugins that do ... Thanks.
Great extensions It is a must addon for me when I am using firefox Nice to see a exactly same addon in chrome I just installed, so didnt have a fully test on it. I will leave comment again to let u know any problem! Thanks!!
wonderful extension! maybe you could add 'hxxp' to the list of known protocols, and rewrite it to http before opening it? or you could make it manually settable, as <a href="" rel="nofollow">Text Link</a> has it. KUGW,
Ok, u got that ;) Thanx!
Hi nice tool but it seams not to work if the website is using frame set... can you add this? This might be related to the problem that chrome dose not show sourcecode of some frames... but in ff with the plugin text link it is working.
Done Axel :)
Just wondering how hard it would be to port this to the Opera extension store ... I know it can be easily installed using the Chrome Extension addon for Opera, but it would be nice to see this in the Opera addon page. This extension rocks!