Helper Apps

Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH Wa Barakato

Here are some apps i frequently use which does help daily lowering the number of my clicks and buttons pressing

1. AutoKey this App. lets u assign shortcuts to some text, as i always write ":SA" and it replaces it automatically with "Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH Wa Barakato" and u can add shortcuts as much as u want, and it replaces text anywhere u r using the shortcut note. this is a Linux App that already exist in the repository, for windows there was an App called Texter

2.Text Link This is a Firefox plugin that lets u navigate text links, i mean links that are not active like, so to navigate to this link u should copy it, open another tab then paste it but this plugin lets u just double click it and it will be opened in another tab.

3.FEBE This is a firefox backup plugin for firefox that backups everything... i liked it. :D

4.Scrolling a feature in Ubuntu that makes the mouse scrolling acts differently according to the position of the cursor, if on a scrollable window, it just scroll it if on the window list panel, it's gonna switch between the open windows as u r pressing Alt+Tab, restoring the minimized if on the desktop, it will switch between workspaces [this needs to be configured from the compiz manager]

if u r searching for a file using it's name, it will let u select all the files that match the portion of the name u wrote

there are some apps that makes 4 desktops on windows, just google for them, but no one worked with me as required.

I like a tool, called beyond compare, very much. It's very useful, especially when you are web developing :) a very tedious, time consuming activity ;)
cool, i usually use winmerge, but i'll take a look on beyond compare next time i'm back on windows :D :D i have now "Meld Diff Viewer" on my Ubuntu machine... but do u know any utility for "useless, time-consuming, badly-instructed, awfully-loaded... tasks" ? :P