In the planetarium

it's the week end... i have to do something instead of staring at my laptop's screen and declaring some integers, or surfing my google reader so, i've read about an event in BibAlex related to a mini book fair, i'm not fan of such things but lets try, may be i can find a book related to programming :D but it was a smaller event than what i was expecting, and i found some shelves having books about VB, C# and Windows Me :D anyway, i got out of the hall looking for something to do, and there was the planetarium...  

for those who don't know it, it's the blue-stripped moon seated beside the sun of BibAlex actually i've never been there before, i just wasn't interested, so i gave it a try i bought a ticket for a show called "The stars show" ok


I entered and liked it from inside, that rounded screen that is above our heads and that astrology professor who is sitting behind 3 computer screens :D

It seemed nice of course the number of visitors was very small, may be 10 girls, a family and me !!, that was expected anyway the show name was "Stars Show" not "Star Academy" :D :D

Anyway, it started showing some information about the planetarium itself then about astrology vs astronomy, then about some stars and star birth from a nebulae while showing some amazing views on that rounded screen then showed some stars locations and formations, i was pretty amazed when i knew that zodiac dates have changed than what is known due to the rotation or all the stars in our galaxy so now i knew that i belong to Pisces rather than Aries, and every one should be belonging to the sign that is one before what he currently think he does :D

Anyway, that is another evidence that shows that those who relate zodiacs to life or luck are mistaken as zodiacs themselves are not stable, so i might be lucky this year but not lucky the next years, or love someone this year and hate him the next :D

But i really liked the imagination of the Greeks who can form from some points in the sky


a pretty painting to just give it a name anyway, despite i have noticed a couple of bugs in the rendering of a star, i really liked the show, and i think i'm gonna repeat that visit again :D

اشمعنى اختارت الميعاد ده بالذات يا عبدالله ؟؟؟ الاجابة : of course the number of visitors was very small, may be (((10 girls)))), a family and me !!, that was expected anyway
:D :D
Envy :D It was Amazing I'm Sure .. Every time I go there the time wasn't right for me to attend the show .. @ My next trip to the bibliotheca insha'a Allah :D