But u r killing me !!

ok, i admit that it was an  innovative method that depends heavily on XML Programming,

i can say it saves a lot of time during developing the whole system, as the time required for every feature is nearly constant just some generic methods to solve all the problems that can be found but as known "Generic" can not cope with "Performance", as there must be unneeded steps done with the small/mid sized problems, and it will be fully utilized with the problems that satisfies the general case problem -which is most of the time rare- and even if u had the general case as the smallest/simplest case, u'll waste some performance trying to combine those tiny generic solutions to solve the larger problems anyway, i think that was a nice choice to select such programming method when developing an ERP system as what i have seen on such system is typically a feeding/reading data model so, high performance is not a critical requirement here, just wait for the user to scratch his itchs during page loads -kidding- but what about me ?.. the developer i mean... its so painful to forget about memory, loops, classes, and even data structures and  create a system using a mouse, dragging tags in other tags, mapping some data chunks into other ones, to "just" solve the problem..

and what about me ?

The scientific ACMer i mean... where the most subjects i liked where those who were related to developing the most efficient algorithms (in time/memory), and sometimes parallelizing them

Mouse Pad

and as an ACMer, where the performance is as critical as the problem solution to make me forget about that.... u r typically killing  the little crazy developer inside me who must have a mouse pad on his desk, not for resting his wrest, but for banging his head on bugs, thinking that that would help anyway i'll just consider it as an IS course which i didn't attend, but a better one... technically :D

see you soon with The Royal Company isA...

[quote]anyway i’ll just consider it as an IS course which i didn’t attend, but a better one… technically[/quote] loooooooooool ya 3abdala :D ... we isA hat3ml 7agat bet7bha :D momken tegi ma3ia nesaytar 3ala el 3alm ma3 ba3d :D