Quotes i won't forget

here are some phrases i've heard from some people i've met, mainly in FCIS -my faculty-

"this is the learning curve in FCIS" Mohamad Meshref.... (SDE Microsoft Redmond) *that graph was somehow accurate -for me anyway-

"when i was outside egypt studying in some collage, i asked my colleague about how would this topic come in the exams, he looked to me as i'm an animal from another planet" Dr.Roushdy Aamer (one of the best of the best of the best teacher i've seen... if not the best) *he was talking about studying for science versus for the exams, and i really respect that story

"when we are going to stop fighting to prove that we can cut wood with a hammer and hitting a nail with a saw, just use each tool to get ur task done" Dr.Mohamad Samy (The geekest guy i've ever seen) *i just asked him which is better windows or linux, and he meant that each has a field, just use every thing in it's place to gain the max profit

"ACMing is just a way to be a good programmer, but not an aim" Mohamad El Morsy "ZIZO" (SDE Mentor Graphics Cairo, One of the best ACMers i've seen) *i didn't believe it when he said it first, but i understand it now

"فضل كفر الشيخ على باقى المحافظات كفضل الشمس على سائر الكواكب"

علاء سعد....من زملاء الكفاح المسلح بالمدينه الجامعيه

و مالو...دا الكلام ده لو مفيش اسكندريه

"you can call that Fouad's rule, 1-Never use IE,  2-love FF and it'll give you more" Mohamad Fouad... (SDE CriticalSites, a Geek ACMer in the army :D ) of course you know that IE -> Internet Explorer, FF -> Mozilla FireFox, i stick to this rule, even before i've heard it :)

"There were an option in my car that i didn't get, wings, to be able to drive in Cairo" BEBO... i wont say more than that, "BEBO" is more than enough

Local acmASCIS Contest 2007

i really miss being in such a pic with such people

هعيط يا جدعاااااااان :D:D.
eh el 7alawa deh bas ya 3abdala :D
LOL gamda. ACM rocks ;)