Some advices for the new Scientificers


for the SC batch 2010.... now you should have seen half the subjects in the first term in my beloved dept "SC" here are some advices i hope it helps....

1- whatever tasks u r asked to do, just do it, it will always add new

2-i wanted to talk about Finite Elements, but the Doctor has changed so it will be meaningless, just try to understand what is behind the equation

3-Dr.Ashraf Saad, you might think he is somehow offensive but if u interacted with him and did as much as he asks, u would feel compleeetly the opposite, believe me  "he is one of the best Doctors i've met"

4-Dr.Hossam Faheem, he is very different thinking Dr. more than any one you have ever seen, just try to be very very open minded in the HPC course, to study his subject, wikipedia is a good place to start ;)

5-if you don't want to study, then don't.... implementing the required tasks/prototypes is more than enough -in some subjects-

6-study as a group, u'll understand/finish tasks better and faster

7-in some subjects you can take/use libraries -after taking permission from the subject's doctor- which will save some of ur time reinventing the wheel, just ask me or any one of the SC Mens, and we will hand it to u

8-unit and u'll enjoy

9-fighting with CS studs is a healthy phenomenon, u'll know what they study and they'll know urs, and at the end of the fight u'll thank ALLAH that u r not in "IS"

10-try to enjoy the science, do not study for the exam

11-do not look for marks, it's the easiest thing to get

12-invite me to ur dish parties :D

That's what i can think of now...

if u have any question, be my guest :)

enjoy ;)

مش عارف ليه بحس ان عندى رهبة من القسم ده مع انى دايما لما بفكر هدخل قسم ايه مش بيجى فى بالى غير CS و SC
يا بني انا مع اني لسه باديء الدراسة عندي احساس انه قسم موبوء معلومة انا في SC و حتى الان عجبني :D
اه نسيت اقول حاجة و مش هحول :D :D :D :D :D
:D :D :D !!!! معلش.... موبوء ازاى يعنى
howwa fe aksam 3'erhom ?!!! :D that's what i felt too when i was at ur age... but i loved SC soooo much, u can say.. its another life
lol ya Jaqoup .... niXe awi !!
جزاك الله خيرا يا عبدالله بس الصراحة كل يوم بيزداد اعجابي بالقسم :D:D:D:D:D:D:D long live SC we fokak men CS :D:D:D:D:D