with ubuntu [it has been a long time]

eight months since i had installed my running Ubuntu, it has been upgraded from Interpid (8.10)  to Jaunty (9.04)

i don't think that if it was windows it would last all this time, specially that i'm configuring, re-configuring and re-re-configuring the OS every meanwhile and playing with the system files..

i remember that my system crashed once or twice, and i mean by "crashed" that some fatal error occurs while loading which prevents logging in, normally in windows i used to re-install the system if something like that happened, but in those cases here i just google it and login in the terminal -something like safe mode but very safe actually- and edit some files and voila.... actually, the best think i liked here is that i've been using legal software ONLY for those 8 months, i didn't crack or use "keygens" , which i couldn't stop doing when using windows...

in windows i tried hard to use legal software but i couldn't, there was an Alliance program between my University and Microsoft where i could get Windows, Visual Studio 2005,2008 even the professional editions, but no office, i really really really want to know "why isn't there office?" , it was only for the university staff, i couldn't find a reason for that rule... i can not deny that Microsoft Office is awaaaay better than Open Office i'm using, but at least i'm not cracking anymore :D

The second main software i used to crack on windows was "Tune Up Utilities", that was the ideal ventilator i used to keep windows up and running for long times, which i remember the longest time i had windows running normaly was nearly a year, but u can imagine it's boot time, registry size, "C:" free space,....etc. else, i've found many alternatives for the software i used on windows, and may be i've found better alternatives, except that i didn't find flash editor for linux, but i'm not using it anyway :P

now all what had changed in my Ubuntu installation is it takes a bit longer time to load, it still boots in it's 30-35 seconds, but takes may be the same time loading after the grub-boot that happened after i've installed the KDE interface and removed it, a bit irritating but may be it's the only here... of course the disk space used in the root drive increased, and i have 9 GB out of 19 GB free :D i'm just feeling i'm free to do whatever i want to my PC, i even found accidentally a script to display on a portion of my screen, i don't know why would i use it, but "i can do it" :D here is the script BTW. edit the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf in the screen section add those lines

SubSection "Display"
    Virtual    1024 768

use whatever dimensions u want... i think i'm stuck with Ubuntu for a while :D