An Egyptian Process

well.. lastly i've won an award of being the "Ideal student 2008-2009", that reminded me with the complicated process i've passed to win that award.... first, a white/black paper is hanged everywhere in the faculty buildings with the important points are highlighted with a green highlighting pen which says "The student who sees himself Ideal go to Mr/Mrs ......."

this student should have the following characteristics:

1-his clothes should indicate he is an Egyptian student... i don't know which clothes doesn't indicate i'm Egyptian, if they meant a custom, then the only things that is an Egyptian custom is Jalabeyya or Tarboosh, else are American, Italian,....

2-he should be speaking more than a language... lol, i speak 2 Arabic languages and Egyptian English very well (Y)

3-his grades are not less than Very Good so.. of course no body applied in this game, neither did i..

and they have to have students..., this is the routine in the University, there must be students in this thing or....... anything will happen.. the money devoted for that purpose will rot. so they used plan B....


Head to the place where students be

Head to the place where students live

1-Head to the places known that students live..

2-Apply some filtering


YOU look Ideal

YOU look Ideal !!!

you too seem to be ideal... gimme ur phone number

you too seem to be ideal... gimme ur phone number

Yeah... very ideal cigarette indeed......

Yeah... very ideal cigarette indeed......

-hey, i've seen an ideal creature over there       -where... where.... ?!!!

-hey, i've seen an ideal creature over there............................................/-where... where.... ?!!!

and you may guess the last scene....





ANY ONE ELSE.... !!!!!!!! ANY ONE ELSE.......

ANY ONE ELSE.... !!!!!!!! ANY ONE ELSE.......

may be she had a high threshold for filtration :D

at the end we where 3 boys and a dozen girls, where one boy didn't know anything about that except he have to be in front of the deans office and the other was the one used to be tha ideal student in the previous years

and we had an interview and some questions to test my knowledge.. of course i knew nothing and my answer was i don't know, but i was told "just think more", actually i don't know how will i think to get the answer of a history question, but anyway i calculated that stekeus canel was in the ear given that they told me that it's in the human body :D

at the end after answering 3/6 question i was told that i had answered 4/6 and may be it was written that i answered 6/6 (Y)(Y)

yeah i have very powerful knowledge

i don't know what happened next except that i won the reward to be the Ideal Student in FCIS 2008-2009

and will compete for the same award over the university...

that was fun, i went to the university competition and had a similar knowledge MCQ test but this time i answered by eliminating wrong answers....

i remember one question was "who is the Egyptian/Arabian runner who won "something i can't remember ?" and the choices where

1-Nawal El Zo3'by

2-Nawal Al Se3dawy

3-Nawal "i don't remember" :D


and more questions with the same style

i don't know why didn't win over the University competition :D:D, any way.. the best thing was that they fed us (Y)


That was one of Thousands of Egyptian processes that people involved in it are the ones who don't know why do they do so or what does it mean :s

I hope one day we understand.....

I guess she is "Nawal Al-Motawakel" from Algeria? Now you can write in your CV "Ideal student in FCIS 2009 and competed in AinShams Ideal Student competition" ;)
yeah, i'll write it in my CV in case i want to work in Disney land :D
looooooool bravo 3alek ya 3aballah :D (Y)
ha ha ha ha ,,, yes abdallah, that's Egypt and Congratulation for the Ideal student :D :D
Ya Idealatak ;)