Pliz help them!!! They've gotta be confused......

Al Salamu 3alykom Wa Ra7matULLAH

after the first note which was on facebook about the fourth year depts which was made last year for my class,

i think it was very helpfull so i thought of doing the same this year for FCIS'10 class would be nice and because there are some non-Facebook-users,

i thought it would be better to have this post here not on facebook please answer Those questions if u r/were in FCIS

1. enta f anhy kesm?

2. leh da5alt el kesm da?

3. eh ra2yak f Information Systems?

4. eh ra2yak f Computer Science?

5. eh ra2yak f Computer Systems?

6. eh ra2yak f Scientific Computing?

7. tensa7 meen yod5ol eh?


Before answering these questions, i want to say something very important, Computer science field is a huge field, no one can imagine how large it is, and we have to understand that NO ONE can know everything about it, and that you have to choose a field for specialization and it doesn't mean that you lost something, it just means you choose to know more about a certain topic, and that you can learn at anytime about any topic anytime, like our TA's they are really great, they know about lot's of things and they can teach a course that is from another department, they are willing to learn new things all the time, So Choose a department and know that you can learn about courses you like from other departments later on. 1) CS Department 2) I wanted to study Image Processing, Neural Networks, Compilers 3) I believe (JUST my opinion) that it needs to be more advanced than the way it is now, from what i hear they don't write code at the first term at all, and the topics are very hypocritical, but they study topics that the market needs. 4)CS provides you with very important topics that are considered core science, gives you the first step in certain topics and leaves the in-depth study for you, it also improves your coding experience. 5)Systems is a very interesting department for people interested in hardware, In Csys you work with low level languages such as assembly and c, I believe it is very interesting and it very different compared to the first 3 years and you can still work at any field afterwards with a background about hardware :) And i quote my friend Noha when she said "due to the grades thing, some people will be assigned to Csys, so don't be sad and enjoy it, it is very interesting and you can still do whatever you want, i work in testing and i am Csys graduate" 6)Scientific computing is unfortunately unappreciated in FCIS, i believe it is a very good department and it is one of the means of advancing for any country, you study about things that make scientists, and you need to be interested in science in general. 7)hmm, hya msh far2a 5als walhy bas elly by7eb el coding aw da3eef feeh we 3ayz ye7sno ye5osh CS elly by7eb el SWE wel analysis wel 7agat de yeb2a IS elly interested fel hardware yeb2a Csys elly interested fel science yeb2a SC
1. enta f anhy kesm? IS 2. leh da5alt el kesm da? because i wanted to : a) have a break, i knew all other departments required hard work b)-most importantly- IS prepares you to Real World work, web development, java and GIS which brings me to what menna said, i was little provoked, not because you were biased to your department, you were undermining IS,( 7asesteeny hantla3 sabakeen) actually we DO write code All year, in Java,XML,Data mining and ASP.Net, which, again, no FCIS graduate can not know of, as they are the core today's careers, and you said it yourself,"mesh far2a", so why bother with complex stuff i wont need later? why not focus on what business need? 3. eh ra2yak f Information Systems? see above ^ ^ 4. eh ra2yak f Computer Science? VERY hard department,(based on what i heard from friends, not my own imagining), yet it has some interesting topics i wish i knew more about, like distributed computing for example. 5. eh ra2yak f Computer Systems? same as CS, but less interesting for me, maybe im attracted to Embedded C, only! 6. eh ra2yak f Scientific Computing? Honest to God, 2esm maloosh ay lazma , imagine someone graduated from FCIS without knowing what network or security is,forgive me for speaking my own mind, i could be wrong... 7. tensa7 meen yod5ol eh? IF you are familiar with IS topics, asp java and so, AND you want to be working your head off all day,every day in your last year in college, then by all means 7'osh CS if you are interested in hardware and electronics,C and C++,CSsystems is for you 3aoz te 2anta7' we t2ddy a7'er sanna leek fel kolia mstrya7 :D, we tet7'rag fahem we isa tla2y sho3'l badal ma t7'od coursat we hamm, 3aleek we 3ala IS :D 3aoz tdya3 sanna men 3omrak 7'osh SC :P final note... not being biased, just stating facts, not ONE of my friends in other departments, has not regretted NOT being in IS
Alsalam 3alikom wa ra7mat allah 1. enta f anhy kesm? CS 2. leh da5alt el kesm da? as for me I HATE database design ,UML ,analysis ,..... So i can't choose IS and so for Csys and SC i don't like their subjects so My choice was CS 3. eh ra2yak f Information Systems? I think you will learn different Tools they have learned basics of jave which is not found i other department "but i don't think the course was useful" in my opinion it is Boring Department 4. eh ra2yak f Computer Science? interesting with every subject every assignment you will learn something new Something I must Say for accuracy CS the Largest No of Tasks in all of the other departments but still Exciting & Most of the tasks was useful 5. eh ra2yak f Computer Systems? More about Electronics ,Logic , circuits , architecture ,...... if you Like those subjects you will like this department else you will hate your self 6. eh ra2yak f Scientific Computing? I don't Know Much about it but the subject name was complex enough finally you have the chance to decide which subjects you will learn so i Think u should Decide which subjects u like to be with in your final year from your previous background let it be a happy and alight year as much as possible becouse beside your department you will have a graduation project and think that you don't lose any thing if you chose one department and leave another as You Can learn any Thing by yourself hope that was useful
1-SC 2-awel 7aga 3ashan el nas el gamda el feh :D,,,,sanian kesm ma7desh bedkholo kteer 2olt ema agarb ashof eh el kesm el kol el nas bet2ol 3aleh sa3b awy dah we keda...we kaman ana malesh fel IS we tab3an Csys ana kont bakrah 7aga esmaha electronics we logic , we CS ba2a ana la2eet kol el bashar dakhlah 2olt la2 hyb2a za7ma awy :D. dah fel awel awel magena nekteb el rghbat.....lama ta3mkna ba2a fel kesm la2eet eh .. kesm bekhaleeek teshaghal demaghak awyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we teketb code soghyr..3ala ra2y dr.7amad...(think more bas hena ba2a code less) 7aga tania khalany 2a3raf technologies 3omry makont ha3rfha fe 7eta tania...we ahm 7aga khalany akteb c++ :D:D:D...bala c# bala nela..... 3-bos howa akeed kol el aksam 7elwa we leha fyda fe magal mo3yan.....bas 3an nafsy IS dah ana ba3raf a3mel el homa be3meloh we law feh 7aga gdeda ha2raha fe ketab we khalas ...bas hia el moshkela en kol el nas betedkholo 3ashan so2 el 3amal bas we 3ashan sahl be2olak 4 ba2a we mesh tlba waga3 demagh. 4-CS: kesm lazez bas ana shyf en feh 7aga malhash lazma...ya3ni ana adres compiler leh ha3mel beh eh lama atkharag we ashtaghal ya3ni we dah maymna3sh en feh mawad tania gamda awy ka topics bas el contents el homa bekhdoha ba7esaha mesh meghtia 7agat kteer ya3ni. 5-Csys dool welad 3am SC :D:D.....bos kesm besara7a ana a7taremo bas howa 3awez el ghawy hardware we 3awez ye3raf el 7agat el e7na ben programming 3aleha deh aslan mashia ezay ...feh shoghl 3aly we tafkeer gamed 6-ana SC fa 2olt khalas :D 7-zay ma menna 2alet bezabt hya msh far2a 5als walhy bas elly by7eb el coding aw da3eef feeh we 3ayz ye7sno ye5osh CS elly by7eb el SWE wel analysis wel 7agat de yeb2a IS elly interested fel hardware yeb2a Csys elly interested fel science yeb2a SC...bas hakhtalef ma3aha hena SC mesh science bas ya3ni matftekersh enk hatedkhol tela2y physics we 7arakat la2 dah 7agat esmha applied math ya3ni applications betestakhdem feha el math...ya3ni shaghal demaghak lll sob7 ba2a :D:D:D
1- Computer Science 2-3ashan sm3t eno kwayes w mafehosh 7fz kter w ana msh ba7b a7faz kman mohtam bel developing w dah ele ana 3aezo . 3-IS ksm zae el fol bas ba7es eno ka2ne da5el adabe ya3ne kolo 7fz 7fz betare2a mostafza . 4-CS ksm gamel bas moshkilto eno el term el awel t2el shwia w hayeglak a7sas enk lsa fe sana 3 mn 7es el kmya ya3ne .lkn ka science kan lazez w mafehosh 7fz 5alis 5-CSys ksm gamed awe bas ll2asaf haytzlmo fe masr 3ashan ma7dsh hayktane3 bewa7ed yeshta3'al fe el hardware w hwa msh 5areg handasa 6-Sc ksm gamed w hwa 2a2rab ksm l CS bas ana shayef eno CS a7san 3ashan mafehosh el math w el science bel tare2a de ya3ne SC yemel aktar ll nawa7e el 3lmya 7-law bt7b t7faz ------------> IS law bt7b el programming el kter w msh 3aez t7fz ---------------->CS law bt7b el hardware w el robots ------------>Csys law bt7b el math w el science w 3aez tt3alem el algorithms gat mnen w kda ----- > SC
then.. it's time to fight :D 1. I'm SC 2. Why did i do that to myself? coz a) i wanted to not lose the opportunity to learn some staff which i never can learn them alone and they're not found in other place b) what do u think of a department where most of the gurus i knew in FCIS entered, a department where after they've been graduated, they joined the best of the best companies or even teaching u in the college c) most of them where ACMers, and i trust the ACMer thoughts as he always tries to optimize the benifets d) life in SC is so near to the ACMing life "which i adore" e) a very small number enters this dept. so in the lecture i feel i'm in a private course about the rest of the questions i won't answer them in order, anyway i'm the owner of the blog and can do whatever i want :D First i don't believe in comparing sciences if u believe in that, then which is better Math or Physics ? Italian language or Chemistry ? if there is the best science.. then why isn't there and "%The best science% institute" or even why do people bother themselves teaching those sciences in the best Universities around the world something like which is better "" or "Microsoft Windows"... each has an application/usage Second there isn't a non-useful science EVER open ur faculty book and extract the subjects' names and search for it or it's application or search for the subject's name in famous Universities "e.g. Stanford, MIT,..." u'll find it if it's not useful, i think those Univs will be the first to eliminate those subjects Third if u r bothering urself about finding work in the future, then don't worry a) it's GOD's will b) u r totally ready to work with what u already learned till the third year and work as a professional "in the Egyptian market" c) if u r concerned with working outside Egypt or in a extraordinary field, they'll teach u before letting u strike a key in the keyboard, u just have to own a brain that can think and learn after this intro, there is no best department from the science point of view each department is very important the problem is in the studs themselves the most thing i hate about that is the motives each use to choose a department IS -> easy, does nothing, studies nothing, the market needs it, learn tools easy... define easy if easy means there is no science, then IS is not easy if easy means there is no thinking, then IS is not easy if easy means most studs get the full mark, then IS is definitely not easy does nothing... i have an IS friend who wrote apps with thousands lines of code in assignments studies nothing... then how do they answer in their exams ? of course the questions were not "2*3=... or write a for loop that does nothing" the market needs it and which dept the market doesn't need it oh if u r talking about the Egyptian market, it needs a "developer" who can build a website with fancy colors with the address of the company and a slogan "" or a database system recording the customer's data or the employees data cant u make those Apps now ? if u cant then u won't, this is a thing u learn by yourself by practice and one or two of the third year subjects learn tools like ASP & JAVA really really really i want to know how can that be a motive to even enter the college u can learn both in a week and master them in a couple of months if u want it's not a problem that u don't know such languages, but it's a shame u don't know how to learn SC -> very hard, very tough, non sense, a lot of math define very hard -no one gets more that "good or very good" in any subject, then SC has a lot of no ones -understandable subjects, then how come 9 classes passed before ours when the exams test weather u understood or not very tough this year we were the only department that made two dish parties, and deliver most of our assignments "except those who didn't want to" non-sense as Omar Said then how come there are a lot of applications for it's science check the subjects and search for it's applications on google and see, even in Egypt!! a lot of math get me one subject that doesn't need math anywhere in computer science field don't u know that in IS "data mining" depends heavily on math, discrete math database is a mathematical representation for the data as sets and so the problem is that how they have studied it the main thing that affects the department is it's staff and i think u know badly how that can affect the subject, as in AI for example :D so, just look for the subject and know how much u're gonna learn from it's doctor or if u can learn it urself with the headlines u get from the doctor and how much will that doctor keep u busy in some non sense assignments that tests ur ability to write 500 for loop in an application, and chose the department that suits u for me i found SC the best with this criteria "check my previous posts in this blog" and IS is the worst and ask studs from other depts about their doctors one last thing, if u r not looking for science, just want to pass the year and take a paper that says u attended college, then enter any depratment, won't make so much difference as u won't learn anything in any, just don't ruin SC and choose any other one, coz i love it
1. enta f anhy kesm? computer systems (CSys) 2. leh da5alt el kesm da? besara7a ana da5alto l2eny makontesh tay2a 7aga esmaha nazary IS , w i knew en CS == image processing w bardo makontesh 7assa enaha 3agbany , w kaman 7aset en el mawdoo3 kebeer w ana msh ba7eb waga3 el 2alb beny w benkom :D ama SC f ana bakrah el physics wel math , fa kant no way eni afakar feha f da5alt CSys l2eny 7aset enaha a2rab 7aga lelly ba7ebo ana kont ba7eb el logic wel electronics bs el archi kan kalkoo3a (50%) bs el7amdulah la2et en el kasm shiwa lazeeeeeeeeeez l2eno feh 3amaly gameel ana sha5syan "estamta3t feh" . 3. eh ra2yak f Information Systems? IS nazary nazary nazary , i hate this type of materials! 4. eh ra2yak f Computer Science? te2eeeel awy, w tasks keteeeer w kbeeera 5. eh ra2yak f Computer Systems? logic circiuts and network (3ala fekra el materials beta3et el network kanet 3andena aktr fel 3amaly , aktr mn CS w IS ) 6. eh ra2yak f Scientific Computing? math + physics 7. tensa7 meen yod5ol eh? kol wa7ed yshof el mawad eli kan by7ebaha eh , w y5ali balo mn 7agten mohemen 1- sana 4 i think en el Drs by3amlona betare2a a7san shwia 2- el mawad eli hatedres-ha benesbet 70% darast 7aga nafs el style (bs aked msh nafs el kalam) fa dah haysahelha shwia el sababen dol by5alo en el mawad eli betkamel mawad 5adnaha abl kda betkon as-hal 3alena i think it may help if u knew the courses 1st sem : * Data Communication --> network (logical layer "how to form data to be sent through - physical layer- wires" ) * High Perfomance Computing --> how to do sequencial programs and tasks in parallel way (how to think in parallel) * Microprocessor-based Systems --> shabah el archi shwaia bs alaz menha bekteeer (da ra2yy el sha5sy) * network --> el 3amaly = routers & switches & how to configure a network and troubleshoot it --> el nazary kan NAZARY fe3lan wel sections kan masa2el , bs madda koisa msh we7sha el nazary moshtarak ben CS w IS w CSYS * DSP (digital signal processing) shabah el Data Comm (awl madda) + how to convert digital signal to analog and vice versa. 2nd sem: * Computer Secutiry --> how to encrypt and decrypt info. (alooooot of encryption and decryption techniques) Nazary fel mo7adra w Masa2el fel section (madda moshtaraka CS&CSYS&IS) * Peripheral Devices --> serial $ parallel communication = how to send data via serial port and parallel port (lazeza 3ala fekra i liked it soo much) * Embedded Systems --> micro-controller (chip) di benekteb 3aleha ay bernamg bel computer w ba3den tet7at fe ay machine 3ashan tenafez el bernameg forever . (shabah el microprocessor wel archi bas alaz mn el etnen) * Parallel Architecture --> zay bezzabt high performance computing bs topics tanya * selective topic . ana 2oltelko koooooooooooool eli 3andi :) i hope ykon fadko, w makonsh tawelt 3aleko anyone wanna ask any Q about CSYS, is so welcomed to contact me through : and plz dont hesitate :) good luck
Firstly i totally agree with Jacoup ,Every department is cool but if u loved its sciences. 1-Since I'm third year My priorities for entering is as follow : CS>>SC>>Csys>>IS 2- PLEASE READ 3,4,5,6 FIRST THEN READ THIS ! I didn't enter CS yet. but i chose it because a)i love AI especially neural networks and human mind simulation b)I love more practical stuff and I'm not a great algorithms problems solver(so not SC) c)I think i can learn Development Tools easily and i hate 7efz (so not IS ) d)I want to concentrate on software not hardware (so not Csys) 3)i think it's got a lot of research topics. 3-IS : what i know about this Department till now : a)teaches some very important tools that the college didn't teach us the last three years,although they are extremely important but still anybody can learn them in a relatively small amount of time with no big effort b)teaches some Data mining .. which i think is one of the only topics in IS which is concerned with algorithms and needs some cool math c)has more theoretical things to know than other departments , so it needs more *7efz* as people might think d)It the Best department EVER IF you don't like other stuff like AI or Robots or Algorithms or Security or Networks 4-CS : what i know about this Department till now : a)its highly concentrates on Artificial intelligence,image processing,computer vision,compilers,neural networks,coding ... b)its Stuff (Doctors) are relatively NOT so high quality like the stuff of SC for example nowadays,maybe because its topic themselves are highly modern for a country like Egypt c)it needs a lot of work and heavy assignments as i hear d)its topics has very very rich research areas which might be great in the graduation project 5-Csys : what i know about this Department till now : a)its pure great for people who want to dive into Networks , Electronic chips programming,how the computer hardware works in detail and Robots (that needs AI too) b)Ofcourse, people who love electronics,logic and Arhci should enter this department c)Students in engineering computer department will learn a lot of stuff about physics,electricity and electronics which isn't mainly concerned with computers so that's a good thing theoretically but practically,people want only the stuff concerned with Computers only which is done in Csys (maybe less than engineering computers department but with a self studier it won't differ a lot !) 6-SC : what i know about this Department till now : a)If you like math,problem solving,ACM,Topcoder and Algorithms in general then this is a paradise for u , otherwise it's hell b)This is the most important department because it's supposed to bring out computer scientist and not just Computer Developers c)I've heard its stuff nowadays are really great Doctors and Teaching Assistants who really know what they do d)Some people from some years - including me - thought this department sucks because it concentrates on math and physics and not Computers but that's actually wrong, because it concentrates on the MATH AND ALGORITHMS OF COMPUTERS and NOT ANY MATH :D e)The Popularity of this department is increasing a lot this year due to its great graduates,great Doctors and its relation with ACMers and Topcoders and Problem Solving Lovers. 7-Read 3,4,5,6 please :D and thxs a lot for the useful posts and blog NB : please comment if i said a wrong thing (and that's a high probability lol) Omar Khaled Enayet
yes, u've said wrong things, but not much :) about IS they already take Algorithms, what application in computer science that doesn't need algorithms? but i doubt they took it in the way that makes them understand the algorithm itself not just write it blindly Network and Security, they've took it in a perfectly wrong way "the theoretical part i mean" but in labs "ALLAH Bless our TAs", but u still need the theoretical part to understand what r u doing anyway BTW. SC was the only department that didn't take Network and Security this year about SC, it's not mainly for ACMers :D, so non ACMers won't feel it HELL we were only 2 ACMers in the department this year and the rest where doing/feeling very good it jsut needs an open mind ready to learn
Thanks Abdalla for bringing this important topic up. I just wanted to mention my humble opinion about the subject. Firstly, I am a CS graduate and actually, when I was an undergrad, I never thought of any other department other than CS. But things are a little different now, anyway. Many aspects become only clear after one graduates (probably several years after graduation!). IS always seemed a horrible choice for me (and still seems so!) because of the tons of stuff one have to memorize without an obvious value. One can read all those “systems analysis” subjects oneself and they are quite useful from a practical point of view. But to keep memorizing them (which used to be everybody’s expectations in that department, unfortunately) and -even worse- to waste a full year doing nothing but memorizing them is not the best thing one can do. The Data Mining course is an interesting subject in that department but most of its techniques were already included in CS curriculum as part of the Pattern Recognition course (which, as far as I know, has been removed from CS now). On the other hand, the labs of IS are quite interesting. Many technologies are taught in IS labs exclusively and they are quite demanded by the software development job market, either in Egypt or elsewhere. I also never considered choosing SC when I was undergrad. Simply, because it is a branch of CS. Probably the reason why Ain Shams has a separate department with the name “scientific computing” is due to historical reasons: before the establishment of the faculty of computer and information sciences it used to be “the center of scientific computing”. Its purpose was to support researchers in science departments with computing knowledge and facilities. I guess that’s why they made a separate department called scientific computing in Ain Shams while no other FCIS in any other Egyptian university has such separate department. In conclusion, that department looked weird for me by then. After I graduated and started doing my Master’s I realized that some of the mathematical subjects I needed in my Master’s are taught in SC exclusively (namely, Computational Geometry and Mathematical Programming). I started learning them myself. Moreover, I decided to work as a TA on the Mathematical Programming course so as to make a better investment of the time I spend on it; and I got that. But I became rather disappointed by the fact that the Mathematical Programming course in SC was quite different from what a mathematical programming course should be!! Actually, the second year Operations Research course is much closer to a mathematical programming course than this one. (Mathematical programming is mainly about solving optimization problems using techniques like linear programming, integer programming, semidefinite programming, general convex programming ... etc. The course in SC solves optimization problems using the same combinatorial techniques already explained in the third year Algorithms course). I am not sure how things look like in the rest of the courses of SC, except those courses that are common with CS (and such common courses are quite many, actually!!). For those common course, the impression is not much different. Most of the time the course either gets deviated too much from what it should be or gets oversimplified. So probably SC could have been the best department for me, had it been established correctly. But in reality it is not much different than the rest, unfortunately! CSys seemed an interesting one for me. I just didn’t choose it because that wasn’t my intentions from the beginning. If that had been the case, I would have entered Computer Engineering (by that time, FCIS used to have a higher Tanseeq score than Engineering). It didn't seem a good idea for me to decide, after spending three years in FCIS, to start being interested in hardware drivers, embedded systems and so on. The main positive point with CSys was the fact that some of the most experienced and popular professors in our faculty came from an engineering background. So the department was really strong. Probably that is why they opened the department at the first place! I am not sure however if such strength has changed by now or not. Another positive point with that department is that it opens for the student a field of work in Egypt that won't be opened for him otherwise. CSys grads can work normally in developing desktop/web applications like any other FCIS grad, plus their own special field. This is unmatched by any other department. And probably no student can afford to learn their subjects by himself. CS, on the other hand, is concerned mainly with intelligent computing: getting computers to see, hear, speak and make decisions like humans. The name of the department is rather misleading!! By calling the department “computer science”, people are given the impression that these subjects are “the” computer science and other subjects (like SC) are not!! This is absolutely wrong of course. Probably this department should be called “the Intelligent Computing department”. Unlike what I had thought before entering the department, the exams of CS were mostly memorization-based! I believe, however, that such trend might change from one year to another based on the professors. The main thing I would have missed hadn’t I chosen that department is the Compilers course. Obviously, this is not an optional subject that some students might choose to study and others might not. This is a deeply essential subject that every FCIS student must learn. Actually, I dare to say that one can’t claim to be an FCIS graduate if one didn’t learn compilers. Even if we are not going to develop a compiler or a parser ourselves, at least we should learn the theory and internal operations of the tool that we will use for the rest of our lives! Finally, who should enter what is something that depends on each person. For those students who are not likely to learn development technologies by themselves, IS seems the most appropriate department since so many technologies are extensively taught in its labs. Otherwise, any other department shouldn’t make a significant difference and it is all a matter of personal preferences.
[...] a comment » This is just my response to Abdalla’s post on his blog, in which he asked for feedback about different departments in FCIS Ain Shams. I think [...]
1- CS department. 2- besara7a el kolia elle da7'ltne el kesm da 3ashan el magmo3 w keda bs ana kont 3ayz IS bs lamma da7'lt CS la2eto kesm mesh re7'm aw keda bel 3aks momt3 gdn fe courses bet3to w t7b mn nafsak enk tet3araf 3ala el contents beta3et el courses de specially image processing , pattern recognition ..... el term el awel nafs e7sas el term el tane beta3 sana 3 mashare3 w el kalam da bs el term el tane momken yokon ashal term fe el kolia kolaha besara7a ,,, 3- IS maliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan 7efz keteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer awe fa elle malosh fe el 7efz nase7a balash 7aytl3 3eno :D bs bytkalem 3n magalat el sho3'l barra asp , java w keda 4- CS zi ma2olt abl keda t7b tedres feh kol 7aga feh fehm w 7efz bs el fehm aktar el term el awel sho3'l keter el term el tane peace 5-Csys besara7a mesh 3aref bs el nas elle 3'awia cicuits w logic w keda yed7'lo feh bs b3deeen momken yendamo besabab dr. eman sha3ban 6- SC i think eno momken yokon a7sn kesm b3d CS lel nas elle malhash fe el 7efz w keda l2no math w algorithms w keda 7- CS is the best
Assalamo 3alaykom :), maybe if i copied Abdalla Hassan's reply i'll save some time :D, anyway, I'm a third year student, ACMer, Topcoder, u can call me anything that is related to problem solving and math stuff, then i'll be VERY happy :D, 1- I'll order the "Ra3'abat" as follows isA, SC -> CS -> CSys -> IS -> NULL :P, 2- Scientific Computing (inshaAllah) will be the right place for me, i think that i'll love the subjects very much inshaAllah, it's enough that Haytham Alaa, Mustafa El-Maa'sarawy, DR.Abdalla Gamal are graduated from this department, i really respect and trust them. 3- IS : REALLY REALLY REALLY WASTE OF TIME :S, when i hear the word "IS" and imagine that i entered this dept, i'd kill myself by mistake :S (and sorry to Omar Gamil, no offense ya 3amoor :)). 4- CS : i'll be happy if i entered this dept, simply i like anything that's related to algorithms. And compilers, image processing and even AI techniques are stuff that gets ur brain to work, and getting ur brain to work means u come out with an algorithm :D(most probably if u have a strong well :D), that's enough for me :). 5- CSys : bitwise operations are funny, useful and fast :D, and i like to do stuff with them :D, but not PHYSICALLY (not hardwarlly ya3ne :D), TAB3AN TAB3AN i know that this dept is much more than what i said, but i was just joking anyway :), it's not the suitable dept for me. 6- SC : Long Live ACM, oops :D, i mean Scientific :D. 7- for (bool b=0;b^=1;b^=1) printf("SC Forever :D\n"); Thanx ya Abdalla for the great post, Assalamo 3alaykom Game3aan :).
SA Nice topic ya 3abdo you are the man ;) :D E7m E7m 1. enta f anhy kesm? Proudly one from Sc Mens (Y) 2. leh da5alt el kesm da? * Because, I got 2 subjects from 3 Thanks alot Dr Eman and Dr Elham tb3n . * But Actually I wanted it as the 2nd wish after CS ,because I loved AI stuff and wanted to know about compilers especially I was brilliant at Automata with no offense :D * Also I couldn't put any Dept away from my mind except Csys ,because I am not interested in it after having computer architecture with Dr Eman :). 3. eh ra2yak f Information Systems? * Most of people join it to have some peace of mind, I don't know how :D. * They have good subjects like Search Engine, Data Mining, Decision Support Systems and GIS. * They use VS ,Java ... and some good tools. * Keep by heart staff is a lot there especially for Dr Hashem. * They took Security and Network :O 4. eh ra2yak f Computer Science? * They have very interesting subjects except for Network , Simulation and Modeling , Security. * I heard they took Automata again in Compiler subject so what a waste of time. * The only good Dr they have is Dr Haitham so only 2 subjects are pretty good ,but if it weren't for TA's all the other subjects would've been a mess. * In the second term they have only one useful subject Neural Networks , as Distributed Computing was a mess , Theory of Computations is nothing and (Security)<==(They took Cipher Technique and didn't take MD5 can you imagine this :O) * They took Security and Network :O 5. eh ra2yak f Computer Systems? * I really loved Logic Design ,because of Dr 7amad * But Dr 3id 3'azala Assembly is and Dr Eman made me hate anything about Csys * Also I was afraid to join it after I knew that Dr 7amad left * The most difficult subject they had at the 1st term was High Performance Computing and they didn't understand from Dr 7osam Fahim<== El Prince * Peripherals on of their most important subject was given by IS Dr :D * If it weren't for Dr Karim and Dr Islam, I think they would take nothing. * Dr Eman and Dr Eman and Dr Eman and you are at the last year :D * They took Security and Network :O 6. eh ra2yak f Scientific Computing? * I think in this college you learned nothing if you didn't learn how to think and SC will change your way of thinking completely to the best.It'll make you ready to face any hard difficult problem and you'll feel it's very easy. * In our dept you'll learn to do the following 1-Know if a problem could be solved or not and it's complexity. 2-Solve it whatever using an old algorithm or designing new one and implementing it. 3-Parallelize it (Know what hardware to use) and implement your Parallel algorithm to solve. 4-You'll learn advanced numerical methods (Finite Element and Environmental Modelling). 5-You'll learn Visualization from one of the greatest Dr I've ever seen(Dr Ashraf) he is a real scientist he knows about everything. 6-You'll find yourself with best people ever and trust me ;) Experiment :D SC Mens Rocks Note that most types of problems you'll face are scientific problems Someone is landing by a Parachute How to solve a room :D:D How heat transfers through plates Springs * We didn't suffer from the curses of Security and Network :D But Sc suffers from some problems ,because of some Dr's and Non-useful subjects Simulation and Modeling Computational Geometry and All CS subjects ( Theory of Computations , Distributed Computing) It doesn't require anything expect good well to learn anything required :) 7. tensa7 meen yod5ol eh? Yalla e2ro w e5taro b2a ;)