Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 2]

continuing with the second and last part in Scientific Computing Posts where the first part was Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]

it's just about the courses taken in SC well...

this semester was less interesting than the first term, may be that was because we had less scientific materials than the first as fourth year studs are planned to finish the exams half a month earlier than usual so the materials taught are less than usual in all the deps but that doesn't mean that we hadn't took nice subjects

The First was Environmental & Global Computations:

lol, that was the subject that i was very keen of knowing what will we take in it since i was in the third year, it's name is very unusual :D we took some numerical methods for solving differential equations ,representing some phenomena "Temperature, wind..." at the end of the course i was able to produce a data file that represent the flow of wind in a room, then i used the visualization package i'd developed in the first term to see it visualized and here it is

the best thing that in this subject i understood a lot of things from the Finite Elements subject I've took in the first term i won't talk about it's doctor as he is the same who gave us Visualization in the first term (Y)

The Second Computational Geometry:

this subject is one of the subjects that made me choose this department, and i think all who've chosen SC thought the same about this subject, as i heard from Dr.Mohamad Samy that he wanted to join SC mainly for this subject, and he is very right the only problem with this subject that the Doctor was brand new to teaching in Egypt , may be that was the first term he teaches a subject as it's Doctor not a TA anyway we had taken 4 or 5 algorithms about computing some geometry problems, implementing some algorithms to solve them in optimal way here is one of the assignments "Simple Polygon Construction" and here is a screen shot for another one

The Third is Distirbuted Computing:

i didn't enjoy this subject as it was kind of repeated for me, it's typically the HPC from the first semester but more basic as we took it with CS department, and they didn't know any thing about Distributed Computing and MPI programming, the only thing i liked that i coded with MPI and i like doing so about the Doctor he is the one who gave us the Mathematical Programming in the first semester

The Fourth Theory of Computation: i really don't know if it is useful or not, its something like explaining how the lighter was made by explaining how can u produce fire by banging two rock together or rubbing sticks but anyway it was a sort of science. ah.. and in it i understood the true difference between P, NP & NP-Complete problems at last :D about the Doctor, i think he is very good in this field, he seems to be weird while talking, but what do u think a computer scientist be, especially in a science like Computer Theory :D

and the Last one The Selected topic:

if u don't want to get bothered by this crap scroll down to the next horizontal line this is a typical piece of crap, it's just a way to waste time, i don't know what else should i describe this subject.. sry this THING it is not for specific department, its a kind of deal between the collage and ITI they come and show us a collection of tracks and each student chooses one, I've chosen to be in the IBM Track, it offered in its orientation session some useful concepts, but i doubt it gave it and i think all my friends in the other tracks thought it is useful, except the Microsoft Enterprise track, they had took the latest Microsoft technologies and ,it was the best this year from my point of view i realized later that the main aim of this track is to teach us JAVA :s i was very disappointed, not for taking JAVA, but for wasting time following such a course while i can get a book and learn more that 4 times that man had give us in the whole course in a couple of weeks about that guy who gave us that course, form my point of view he is very unqualified to teach in a place like FCIS how can i judge him so ?, here is the first and last situation i've argued with him.. he said i'll ask you a bonus question.., what is the difference in the output between those two code lines

for(int i=0;i<10;i++)


for (int i=0;<10;++i)

what is the difference ?

the right answer is that they'll produce the same output he said NO,

as in the second piece of code the i will be incremented before the loop is entered WHAT !!!!! ok, ok may be i didn't try it in JAVA before, so i asked a friend to open a machine and try it, the machine had Netbeans installed, so he tested it on it, they both produced the same output till now i didn't judge that person for anything, every body makes mistakes so we called him and showed him the output, he stared a little, deleted the code and re-wrote it, ran it once and twice, then said "ok, ok, NetBeans has a bug, try it on rationl" (where rational is the IDE we used which is "eclipse") WHAT THE #%^*^& !!!!!!! this situation has two explanations

1-he knew that he was wrong and tried to deviate us and he lied, then he sucks 2-he was really thinking that this is the reason, so he don't know that at the end of the day both IDEs use the same JDK/JVM then how come that he teaches JAVA !!!!!! so since that incident i didn't listen to a word he said, anyway i just was attending the first 15 minuets taking the attendance, then going out making some acmASCIS stuff :D


anyway i think that some other courses should have been added instead of those courses courses that gives new Technologies, things that we don't take in the regular FCIS courses as Microsoft/Non-Microsoft New Technologies , Parallel Programming, Multi core programming or even Game programming ok, those topics might not be needed in the egyptian market, but the one who can code a game can easily learn how connect to a database :P ok, don't remove those, but leave a space for some science sry, i bothered u with that subject, but thats only less than what i feel towards it :D anyway..

the best thing i liked that there were no constraints on the programming language we use, in the environmental once there was an assignment which was implemented by 5 different languages, C++/Python/Matlab/Octave/Mathimatica God bless our TA he checked all those :D

that was SC this year, I heard that there will be some remarkable changes to the better next year i'm really gonna miss SC and the SC Mens :(

but that is life.....

Thanx ya jaqoup, Good luck in exams : )
السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته موضوع جميل جدا وجزاك الله كل خير علي الشرح المفصل :) وربنا يوفقك إن شاء الله و كل خريجين السنه دي :) والله الموفق و المستعان والسلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته
u r both welcome :) take good care of FCIS ;)
And After About Ayear , You Have Returned Back To FCIS ,And To SC Department But As A TA :D So ,,Good Luck In Your New Position :D And Wish To See You There IF I Entered SC Department.