Hidden Options [2]

after  Hidden Options here is the second post with the hidden options i've been collecting since then...

1-On Windows

    • Ctrl+C

    some times you need to copy the contents of a message box and the text is unselectable just press Ctrl+C when this message box is in focus and all it's contents will be copied Thanx to Roaa "The Undocumented Feature"

    • The Shift button

    in Vista hold the Shift and press the right mouse button -on a file or in a folder- and additional "nice" options will appear in this menu really i duno why are they hiding something like that 2-On Linux Ubuntu

    • it remembers

    the linux terminal remembers all the commands you have wrote before, just press the "up" key

    • Extra Button & extra buffer

    i was always wondring when i c a type of mice that contains 3 buttons, what is the middle button for, or why isn't it used it seems that Ubuntu Developers heared my thoughts :D in Ubuntu there is two clipboard buffers which means you can copy two distinct text portions in the same time one of them is accessed with the normal methods "Ctrl+C" of "RMB -> Copy" and the other clipboard buffer is accessed with the third

    mouse button or the wheel button ,press on the mouse wheel when selecting the text and it will be copied and when u need to paste press the wheel again i like that feature (Y)

    • Copy Path

    sometimes you need to copy the file path well, in Ubuntu you can RMB on the file and copy it then go to any text area and paste, the file path will be pasted 3-On line :D

    • Google Helps


    • Just write it

    in firefox's addrress bar just write the text you want to search for in google and it will be redirected "some times it works like (i'm feeling lucky)"