OUUUUUF..... At Last !!! (Hotmail & POP3)

at last i can access my hotmail mail through any mail client that supports the POP3 where i'm using Evolution just configure it as shown in those screenshots

For sending:

POP Recieving Configs.

For recieving:

Sending Configs.

no more third party self hosted servers :D no more "How to configure ur hotmail account on Evolution [ubuntu]"

ياه أخيرا يا راجل ... ده يمكن ميكروسوفت لو عرفت انها خدمتك فى الموضوع ده ممكن تلغى الخدمة علشان ترخم عليك :D:D:D
lol, sa3et-ha ba2a ana elly ha2fel el mail da :D
Thank You! I had been trying to configure my UBUNTU Evolution. Yours were the only practical instructions that finally worked. Perfect. am
u r welcome, i'm glad it helped :)
My next problem with UBUNTU is how to install a AGP video card. I have not been able to do it since UBUNTU won't recognize it. It's a PNY GeForce 6200 model and of course the driver is for Windows only. I use an AMD mobo with integrated video and a Athlon XP2000 CPU; really old stuff that would work a little better with the PNY card installed. Any help?. Andres
I just wanted to comment that for the sending config it's also possible to use the 587 port (instead of smtp.live.com:25 you can use smtp.live.com:587) in case it's not working for you. Thanks!!!
well... till now 25 is working with me thanx :)
طيب يا عبدالله دلوقتى انا عامل folders فى الميل بتاعى وعايز الفولدرز دى تنزل بالرسايل اللى فيها أعمل ايه ؟؟؟
Thanks a lot. Works well.
howwa till now, there is no a configuration panel for the pop3 in the live website, ya3ny mashya bel baraka :D fa te7med RABBENA w t7awel mata3tamedsh 3ala el mail el ta3baan da :D
does it send only or receive only, or it does none ?
Beautiful! Works great from know!
Thanks so much! I've been searching for a solution for months.
u r all welcome, i'm glad that it helped :)
Thanks--works for me too, except not on port 25. I had to use 587. Maybe different settings on boxes in a server farm? Weird.
it's a weird mail server from A to Z :D
still cant get hotmail to link with evolution, tried everything getting so peed off with this, honestly can anyone help
Great stuff worked fantastic!! So much simpler than others
port 587 worked for me. Many thanks
P E R F E C T ! ! ! Many Thanks!!!
Thanks! Worked like a breeze. There is no need for any hotwayd or any other hot????? programs. No configuration files needed. Simple and elegant.
Works Great, Sending and Receiving. thank you!!!! Now how about folders that i have set up in hotmail... how can i get those to come over to evolution?!?
well. i didn't try it as i moved to gmail :D so if u knew it, pliz let me know :)
this one worked! Great!
Thanks!!! You have no idea how much I've screwed around with the settings, and how much I've had to look this up... I was just about to give up...
thank you it worked fin I messed up a few times but got it to work wow
you are awesome, that worked for me even without including the port number
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Thanks m8,you are the best worked 1st time.Thanks again :d
...and again... Thank you so much, I was finding this so frustrating, and now I have it working because of you :) Kind regards, Scott
i can't get it going no matter i use! it still asked me my what my password is, and just time out waiting for the password. any idea???
r u sure u r using the right password ?! what is the error it displays after trying to connect ?
the program first one is my signon one. that's ok. the second one expects this one i can't indentify. then the tries and just time out i get: Error while Sending message. Could not connect to smtp.live.com: Connection timed out MAIL FROM command failed: Authentication Required MAIL FROM command failed: Authentication Required Could not connect to smtp.live.com: Connection timed o do the second pw is for?
I get the same error as above: Unable to authenticate to SMTP server. Bad authentication response from server. Any ideas?
Bravo !!
Really clean web site , thankyou for this post.
Thank You.
thanx buddy after a month finaly i can use ubuntu 10.10 email servers
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Finally i can send and recieve emails from evolution, not the best email but it works i like it cuz its right there no need to go to any website, but this info finally help me setting up my account, thanks a very very big thanks