Scientific Computing Dept. [Part 1]


i just wanted to write some about the department i've choosen to continue with in my final year at FCIS as you can feel from the title of the topic "Part 1" which means the first term of the year basically it was not as i expected "actually i dont know what was i expecting :D "

but it was better i think it's the only department that you are given the problem and some basic knowladge and you have to make implement an algorithm and that's exactly the ACMer's life :) i'll give a short note on every subject from the first term

First : Scientific Visualization

it's a nice subject dealing with visualization of numerical data to produce images easy to understand (like what you see in the american movies when someone looks from night googles and sees the hot bodies in red or so ) it's Doctor is very qualified and knows how to deliver the content but the problem is as always in the students the subject was interresting, by the end of the course i had a software package able to produce images like those



Second : Mathematical Programming

i loved this subject as it was my rest class :D

it deals with some algorithms which are so basic for an ACMer and so easy for anybody else (e.g. Dijkstra, Max Flow...)

i didn't need to study this subject hardly during the year or before the exams, i just did this assignment and another similar one and it was enough

about the Teacher , he is a very lovely, helpfull and cheerfull smart man

BTW. the package i produced by the end of this course is in my box u can download it

Third : High Performance Computing

and this is related to introducing the concept of paraellizing the code to be executed on more than processing element to get a better overall performance

i earned valuable knowladge from that course beside introducing myself to the MPI programming

the package i got after the course was just a single cpp file for a code "Parallel Matrix Multiplication" , although it was a single file it took me some effort to "Invent" a parrellel algorithm and to think and debug parallel code

The Teacher : he is very smart and different than any other teacher i've ever seen

he just wanted us to think and forget the stupid way of the examinations we have been in for our 15 years learning

his final exam  was the one i wrote this post :D

Fourth : Simulation and Modeling

this subject deals with how to simulate a system to gather statistics in a resources saving way

i don't think i gained alot except another way in thinking while coding such programs

The Teacher : have i said "the problem is as always in the students"

well... every rule has some exceptions :D

Fifth and Finally : Finite Elements

actually it had some other names "Chineese poetry, Animals' Mathematics"

a friend wanted to give me a question in this subject and it was "can you pliz solve the pyramids?" :D but i was busy solving a car

some ex-SC_Mens told me that i won't understand what this subject want except before the final examinations, and they were right

that was the funny lecture/section, the teacher writes down an equation and i laugh from what it looks

what do you expect me to do when i find an equation like this


that was the first subject i face in my life where i can't know which is the rule and which is the example :D

but as my friends have told me i'll understand it at the end , i did

and the exam was as expected & easy

The Teacher : i think this man is a genius !! thats enough that he can understand this subject :D

and about my DMs (Department Mates),

we are all together as one family, have the same problems and explain to each other what others can't understand

and for the first time in my life i was with a group of people who almost agreed to leave a question in the exam if it came to have this question canceled

but for the doctor's luck and for our luck it didn't come :D

note: SC_Mens means any body from SC Dept not only boys :p


i think till now SC Rocks ;)


Go Go SC (Y)
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antom al sabekoon ya fandem :)
thanks alot i realy wanted to know more about SC waiting for the next parts isA
u r welcome :)
eda ana ebtadeet aqtene3 bel qesm da :D la2 aktar 7aga 3agabetny el "Scientific Visualization" di.. waiting for the coming parts ..
da f 7add zato she2 ra2e3 :D ha7gezlek el korsy bta3y ba2a ;)
Thanks a lot, i wanted to know about scientific dept gazak allah 5airan
I'm in isA :D
la2 rabena ma3ako begad talama betsolve el car yeb2a 2arabt tewsal lol!
salam 3alikom i have a late question your department's projects were made by team or individuals ? Thanks again
@Sara: the tasks where made by teams, at max 3 studs per team and Dr.Ashraf Saad was the only one who insisted that it be 2 studs per team