Troubleshooting in ACM-ICPC Contest

i've participated in many contests as organizer, specifically in the technical stuff which is mainly two portions

  • The IDE which is mainly "eclipse"
  • The contest communication tool which can't be except "pc2"

and in the last contest i've participated in it's technical preparations i faced a number of troubles

lets take them one by one

1.Teams don't connect to the Server which is a Linux Machine

  • Solution : before you open the server edit the "pc2server" file and edit this line
  • java $PC2CN $*
  • to be
  • java -Djava.rmi.server.hostname="" $PC2CN $*
  • of course change the ip according to your server ip

and make this edit in all the executables you will run {team, board, judge.....}

2.when adding the C++ language sometimes judges fail to compile or launch the "exe" file even with the pc2 server on windows

  • actually i dont know why does it does so i just edit the configurations of the language  adding .exe after each {:basename} and remove "-lm" and it works   "weird"'

3.Sometimes when you close the server and open it after adding the problem's Data it refuses to open throwing an exception about the JAVA heap

  • Solution : in the "pc2server" file edit the line "java $PC2CN $*" to be
  • "java -Xns64M -Xnx512M $PC2CN $*"
  • this just increases the size of memory given to the server to 512 MB Max.

thats about pc2 for now

4.when running the eclipse project for the first time it may get you an error "launch failed no binaries"

  • save all the files in your project & from the menu "Project->Build All" and then run the app
  • or get used to "Ctrl+s" then "Ctrl+b" then run

5.when running the eclipse project it add to the problems ".......Access denied"

  • one of the reasons is that previous versions of the program is running, just make sure u close'em all
  • switch to the "Debug" perspective and select the program then terminate it

thats what in my head right now

oh, yes

one more thing

6.after you prepare all that and the electricity goes down for half an hour two times

  • Solution : Actually no solution is found till now
  • just get away from people to not kill someone :D

lol :D thx ya Jaqoup 3ala el ma3olmat el kayma deh we el 7amdo lel Allah enak Get we ankazt el mawkef we begad thx 3ala maghoodak el TeeNeeNi dah ya Jaqoup
وانا قال ايه لما الكهرباء قطعت رحت اقف مع عبدالله... طب كويس ان انته بعدت عنى علشان ميحصليش حاجة ... وكويس انى مرخمتش وجيت معاك :D