With Ubuntu

bye bye MS !! i said those words one day that i started to install Linux i had a fear that i go back to windows a day or more after i install it, but now i dont think that i'm going back to windows :D i can feel that my computer feels democracy :D every time i look on the requirments for a software , game or windows i look on the minimum requirments section to see if my PC will handle it or not as i know that the recommended requirments will be not in my PC :D with linux i saw the minimum , recommended and searched for any other requirments to see this is the recomended requirments published on Ubuntu official website

  • 700 MHz x86 processor
  • 384 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 8 GB of disk space
  • Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution
  • Sound card

  • A network or Internet connection

lol, i feel that i can run this OS on a gameboy and it will run smoothly

let's see some features that i found in Ubuntu

1-Disk Space i've been working on Ubuntu for 2 weeks now with alot of programs installed 1557 installed program as the software manager says i've made the root drive ( C:/ ) 19 GB for it now i have 12 GB Free :D on windows i get Low Dosk space after 1 week

2-Synaptic Package Manager i doubt that one day there will be something like this in windows this manager is configured on repositories eg a store on the Internet where software package sources exist u just search for the program or what the program does and it will get u some for u u just check and install i remember i once used something like it on windows from the add/remove programs but the repository was on a local network nothing was online in addition to synaptic gets u all the programs open source, free or non free according to the repositories

3-compiz :D in the posts i wrote about vista i said i liked the effects, now i can't say that vista had effects at all :D in Ubuntu i enabled the effects to see what they have and i found all those effects

note: this is not my video i found it on youtube but all those effects are working very smoothly in my PC go and check for other videos there

4-Booting and shutting down when i shut down my computer thats because i want to leave the computer :D so when i press shutdown i don't want to wait 1 or 2 minuets watching windows dying :D in ubuntu it shuts down in less that 30 seconds and loads in the same time or less also in Vista i used to wait for more than 1 minuit to hibernate the PC now ubuntu also hibernates in the 30 seconds

5-The Community every single problem i faced with the drivers,software packages , themes or even  the desktop wall papers i found them on the ubuntu forums www.ubuntuforums.org and even there is an unsolvable bug in the OS u'll find someone posting a workasound there

6-No Virus can affect me (almost) i donot have to care about using antivirus as viruses can not affect my OS but also i insert the USB disks in my PC and delete the viruses manualy ( Torturing them :D ) so why don't u try it here are some motivations that affected me

7-Ubuntu Interpid Ibex can deal with NTFS file system so u wont lose or have to move ur data or format ur disk

8-if u r coding C# u can install "monodevelop" project and program C# , ASP.Net , till now they support up to framework 2 and Linq

9-there are programs that are exe and u want to run them on linux ( as linux doesn't run exe files ) there is a software named "wine" that runs EXEs on linux it even runs games as warcraft and programs as photoshop 4-there are a variety of software packages which can be installed that does very cool things 5-openoffice 3.0 can open and edit all what Microsoft office does and the most important thing that u'll feel ur PC's Powers :D to be honest the only problem i faced here till now is the mail client i used to use Windows live mail to manage all my mails including my hotmail mail where my account is free one and to manage it as POP3 i have to pay some but windows live mail manages it as HTTP mail i found some solutions but they are not working effectively i hope i find a solution soon :) and i'm sure i will isA

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Congratulations :D Hope you're enjoying this transition as much as I did :D <blockquote>the only problem i faced here till now is the mail client i used to use Windows live mail to manage all my mails including my hotmail mail where my account is free one and to manage it as POP3 i have to pay some but windows live mail manages it as HTTP mail</blockquote> Ultimate Solution: Get a GMail :P , POP3 and IMAP for free and then you can access it anyway you want (Thunderbird, Evolution... etc). or run a windows installation inside VirtualBox, WinE isn't perfect for some applications yet.
ok i already have a Gmail and i have a Hotmail account and a Yahoo account and i am using all of them :D so i need a mail client that deals with all of those i am already using evolution and the only problem now is with the hotmail account the yahoo, Gmail are working nicely only the Hotmail is the one that caused the troubles another Microsoft problem :S
lol! so even the problems ur facing in Linux are Microsoft-imposed :D :D!! Way to go Microsoft!!
whatever :huh i won't surrender :)
قشطة عليك يا ابو عبدالله بس انا بقى سبقتك يا معلم بقالى سنة مسطب الأوبنتو بس للاسف لحد دلوقتى مش قادر استغنى عن الويندوز لأنى مش بعرف اكتب c++ على ال ubuntu لو حد يعرفلى حل يقولى علشان استغنى عن الويندوز بقى :D
mesh bte3raf tekteb C++ 3al ubuntu ezay ya3ny :D eh el moshkela ? lw el moshkela fel IDE i adore eclipse u can install it and the CDT plugin and there are so many other IDEs... if that was the problem :D
مش عارف اركب الكومبايلر على الاكليبس لو تعرف تجيبلى شرح بالصور يبقى قشطة جدا علشان انا اتشليت وكمان فى حاجة الفيديوهات rm &amp; rmvb اشغلها ازاى انزلها برنامج ايه ؟؟؟ كويس انى لقيت حد ubuntu زييى اهلا بيك يا معلم فى عالم الأوبن سورس
boss ya sedy :D bel nesba lel C++ 3al eclipse open the eclipse choose the menu "Help" -&gt; "Software Updates" choose the tab "Available Software" if u r using eclipse ganymede u'll find "Ganymede" in the lists if it's not listed press "Add Site" and enter this URL "http://download.eclipse.org/releases/ganymede/" then expand that list and search for "C and C++ Development" then press install if u r not ganymede enter this link "http://download.eclipse.org/tools/cdt/releases/eclipse3.1" after pressing the "Add site" button and to play rm,rmvb use "synaptic package Manager" and add VLC Player or MPlayer Movie Player
السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته معلش يا جماعه يا ريت لو في حد خبير في ال Ubuntu علشان أنا نزلته و لقيته بطيييييييييييييييييييء بطريقه رهيبه ومش عارف السبب للأسف وأنا أكيد أني عملت حاجه غلط :) بس مش عارف أيه هيا والسلام عليكم و رحمه الله و بركاته
i think howa mafhoosh 7aga fel installation just follow up with this https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing.html i don't think i did anything new more than creating the swap and the root disks
:) أنا معملتش swap
w howwa sabak ezzay ?!! :D this swap partition is used when the RAM gets full and there is a need to free some space so it puts the unused items in the RAM on the disk in this partition (Virtual Memory) may be thats why ur pc was slow but frankly i don't think that this is the reason if u have enough RAM in ur PC
Ram 512 وأنا كنت مشغل أكتر من برنامج في نفس الوقت فأعتقد أنها بطأت :D
if you like ubuntu, you should try mandriva
may be one day i'll :)
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