SC Rocks

Just blogging from inside the HPC exam hall :D

where the exam is open "anything u can" and u have to get ur mind to work

i have half an hour for the time to end

c u soon :D

loooooooooool 3abdalaaaaa .... el so2al el talt fe el sa7 we el 3'alt plzz ...besor3a :D :D rabna ma3ak isA
sa7 w 3'alat :S hanhazzar walla eh yabny ba2ollak "get your mind to work" mesh 7ady bady :D sho3'l Scientific ba2a :P
rbna m3ak ya 3abdallaah , allah alwatan SC :D :D
thanx :D mesh 3aref leh habda2 a7eb el she3ar da :D
معلش جت متأخرة بس ان شاء الله تكون حليت كويس
thanx ya man, u 2 isA :)
coool.. hope u didn't chat then & could answer at the end !! :)
lol i wanted to :) but had no time
So what did the exam look like?
i duno :) these stuff are known with the results :D