New To Vista (episode 4) [then... thats it]


long time since i last wrote here frankly alot of things have changed

the most obvious change that happened is my Operating System :D

yes the "Vista" after three months actually it didn't crash but it almost crashed more than a time and recovered which was a nice feature there "more stable than XP" thats what i feel but :D

my poor laptop was sweating from vista anyway and my disk was alarming every while "Low Disk Space" and many times -not often- the computer just freezes...

i've attended a session lately which was talking about somethings of the new features in vista like the ready boost, super fetch and some other things well..

the ready boost acts as a cache between the RAM and The Disk as i understood but i have a 1.5 GB of RAM..

i just feel that its wasted :S

so i get a USB 2 flash to increase my computer's performance something like hanging a vitamins bag beside my computer's bed to survive :D

i never accepted that ready boost idea or even tried it and about the "Super Fetch" it's basically that the OS keeps watching what are you doing when when u open your computer and see what is the most used apps so it preloads it in the memory when the windows is starting (assuming that windows loads in a short time so we can sacrifice some and i have alot of un-needed memory :D )

so i didn't like it any way and one of the most important thing that made me remove it was that many of my friends made fun of my computer when it was operated by Vista :D actually i was one of the people making fun of my computer sry..

i had to when i used my computer to be a server for an ACM-ICPC contest ( any computer can be a server ) we use a software called PC^2 to communicate during the contest about 30+ PC was logged in to this program and during the contest the computer just got frozen and the solution was to unplug it and reopen it but in safe mode but thanx to Allah the contest passed normally so i had to move i didn't like the idea to get back to XP so i moved further :D

moved to 'The OSOS' yes.. that far :D

and i'm compleeetly happy with this move and i'm gonna write about it soon isA

c u soon MS :)

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