So Far So Good !


i'm not going to write alot this time

i'm in a hurry as i'm getting ready for the practice session

where i should test all the evironment with a couple of problems

till now it's good, and we are all encouraged we've met with arabian ACMers ( most of them are egyptians :p )


the Contest is tomorrow :D

we need all of you pray to god to help us and for those who want to watch the scoreboard live i think you can check it on the AAST web site -which i think is down bye now :P - or on the ACM-ANARC web site get ur popcorn and pepsi and keep encouraging us :D

and for those who don't know our teams we are Quadruples, 3 A + 1 and High Hopes


Thats it for now :)

i want to feel ur prayers in the contest :D

cya soon...........

or may be not :D

Wish U the Best of Luck .. & too many Balloons to Get ;D
Rabbena ma3ako ya Abdalla we te3melo 7elw fel contest :P
mesh 3aref men 3'air el da3wa de kont ha3mel eh walla hageeb markaz kam :P