acmASCIS Submitter

here I'm gonna explain the product I've participated in and liked

i've worked in that product with Fouad, I really enjoy working with that guy :)

The acmASCIS  Submitter is a submission tool that submits acm problem codes to the UVA


the Logon form


of course i wont say anything in it :D just enter ur UVA username and password


the Main form


and it is divided into 4 portions

1-The User information part which hold the account information as shown in the upper image it just needs to press the update button when u need the latest information and u can logout and login with another account

2-Recent Trials it shows the trials that have been submitted using the submitter ONLY when u select the problem from the dropdown list it will show the Judge's Answer for that submission u can choose the submission and press "more info" and it will provide u with detailed information about the Judge's submission answer like this


and if u choose a problem and press "Load Submit" it will load the problem's UVA Number in the submission area so u can just paste the code and submit

3-Submit Problem's part

i think it is obvious where to put what :D

but when u have code copied in the clipboard click the "Paste Code" link and it will paste the clipboard code in the code area and focus on the Problem Number to be inserted if it is not already inserted

4-Message's part it shows the current messages or errors to the user . .

i Think this is all it's capabilities till now

please feel free to download it from my box and try it and if u have any comment pliz do.. . .

note : The program generates a file ".bin" beside the ".exe" file that file holds all ur submissions -don't delete it-  :D

personally i hide the "exe" file anywhere in the PC and put a shortcut on the desktop

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<strong>To Nassar:</strong> Thanx ya man :) that was one of the benefits of Training @ Mentor :P and another one is to know a person like u :) <strong>To TeCNoYoTTa:</strong> We wont remove the splash screen "dana tele3 3ainy feha" :D "remember username and password" i think that would be nice to be added "logout option" it already have this option ( in the User Info part Down Left ) "takes alot of time" 1-according to ur connection speed 2-Theoretically it's faster than the normal browsing Hope it helps u all
ana bass 3awez a2olek en elblog gamed :D
nice work Jaqoup and Fouad but i think it's better to remove the splash screen and i think it must remember username and password with logout option also i think it take alot of time to log in and thx again for the program :D
Alsalam alikom wa ra7mat Allah wa barakatoh.. I didn't try to tool but it looks nice... I would suggest something, does it accept cmd line arguments? like submitter username password problemID codeFilePath what am I thinking of actually is to provide right click context menu item for cpp/c/java/pascal files -&gt; Right click -&gt; Submit via UVa... which will "try" to parse the filename to see if it contains a number that may be a valid problem number, and displays a small dialog with 3 fields, username, password, the parsed problem ID (user can change it)... and submit/cancel buttons.. UVa (or somebody else) tried to provide that functionality before but it was lame :) Good job shabab... waiting for the next product :)
This is a nice idea till now it doesn't support command line args soon isA it will. Thanx Haytham :)
[...] Anyway, I&#8217;m glad to announce the release a special version of my lovely project &#8220;acmASCIS Submitter&#8220; [...]