A Long Smile (about 10 Km) :)

Happy Eid


Today is the first day in EL-Fetr Feast

it started by a ringing..

some how i realized that my mobile phone was the one who is ringing

actually i didn't know where my phone was when i woke up but when it rang again i found it under my bed :)

then i realized that it was the alarm's tone, i adjusted it to wake me up on EL-Fajr prayer time..

"but y rn't there any voice of people praying or even the Azan ! then i must have woke earlier"

It was a time between the Azan and the Ikama but u know the satan came back from his forced vacation :D

So when i heared the Ikama i jumped out and started to get ready to the prayers, i went down and found carpets in front of my building door prepared for EL-Eid prayers and found people praying

so i prayed and returned back to my flat and whistled to my friend Mostafa so he got -he is in the flat next to mine in the same floor but thats how we call each other :p-

then i asked him to come with me to pray EL-Eid in EL-Ka2ed Ibrahim mosque in M7atet el Raml

then as usual every Eid he gave me a couple of "FOKAK MENY" and one "HASALLY ODAM BAB EL BAIT" and a smile

but this Eid i wont listen to him I REALLY MISS ALEX !!

so i went in, put my clothes and started my journey

i was so happy to find that type of transportation i missed "EL-Tonnaya" which is a "mini miro bus" it is not used in that cairo for transportation :D but i really love it

it flies on the "Kornaish" with a speed not less than 90 Km/h with a big propability to roll over the road :D

BTW i was sitting beside the driver :D

so i went there and found alot of people waiting for the prayers

i was not happy bcoz half the people sat silent and the other half was saying the "Takbir" in a low voice

any way we prayed then i started my way to home

i can fight to get to a transportation method -people are in thousands- or i can walk for a while till i can get into another transportation method and i'll find

but i picked another choice .... i'll walk to home :D

the distance is more than 10 Km but i miss Alex so much

in the way i had my longest smile ever a smile for 3 hours

no original description

i thought of every thing in my life and just smiled

i remembered every happy event i just dont know why happy events only but that what happened

i remembered every thing i liked or loved

i smiled at every thing i met

people fighting, kittens playing, Bibalex, Stanly, San Stefano, sea waves brust onto the rocks and even at cars  in the street i think people thought i'm crazy but simply "i x"San Stefano Grand Plazazj6181e4beile626kjqd



i remember when i be in cairo i hate being not in a place to sit down

i feal every meter i walk between the faculty and the hostels where i live there

but here i didnt feal anything till i got home

i really missed Alex, all the summer i stayed at cairo interning in different companies

i think this 3 hours-smile is the longest smile i've ever had & loved in my life

after i got home i feal like when u clean ur temp folder, clean ur prefetch folder, Defragment ur C: Drive, perform tune up 1-click maintainance, performm a registry scan with Registry Mechanic and keep holding F5 button for a minuite in my brain

usually those steps lead to one of two results 1-Refresh ur windows 2-Crash ur windows :D

but i'm fealing good right now :)



during those little hours i had a little conclusion

Alexandria is not a city,

Alexandria is





In my life.   



Happy Eid.

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nice topic :D :D ... and happy eid
Thanx :) w kol sana wenta tayeb... aw shereer ;)
Happy eid kan 3laik :D we isA el 3ed elli gai yeb2a a7la :) .. bgd el kalam to7fa
i'm happy u liked it :), Thanx...